Tyra Banks and her mom, Carolyn, step out looking stylish in New York


Tyra Banks' mom taught her all about "beauty, booty and being a boss" -- and now we're getting lessons straight from Ms. Carolyn herself!

Tyra's mother, Carolyn London, joined her daughter in New York this week for several press appearances, where the two couldn't have been a more stylish mom-daughter duo.

On Tuesday, they sat down for a joint interview on BUILD Series, and we have to say -- Carolyn nearly outshone Tyra, which is nearly impossible to do! Wearing a leopard-print top and gold bangles, she looked both sophisticated and fun.

Tyra explained during the interview how, early in her career, she begged her mother to quit her two jobs so she could travel with Tyra.

"At the time that she called me, she was in Paris, and it was late here, where we were," Carolyn recalled. "And she said, 'Ma, I can't do this unless you come, can you come with me?' And I thought I would just take a leave of absence from work for six months -- which ended up being twenty years."

Carolyn and Tyra's father, Donald, divorced when Tyra was just six, but Tyra has said that the split only made her feel like she had "double the love."

And after two decades of learning lessons her awesome mom, Tyra decided to put everything she learned into a book -- "Perfect Is Boring: 10 Things My Crazy, Fierce Mama Taught Me About Beauty, Booty, and Being a Boss."