Logic offers to pay for fan's entire trip to see his show: 'If that's okay with you?'


A devoted fan of Logic planned to spend the next few months saving up to see his concert -- but the rapper had another solution in mind.

"Let the saving begin," a fan named Erin tweeted Wednesday morning, posting a photo of a hand-drawn notebook outline of the price breakdown. "The biggest challenge will be to save the $. I'm about to be a penny pincher for a few months. Worth it tho."

She and her brother, she said, will travel more than 300 miles to Maryland Heights, Missouri for Logic's August performance.

After seeing her tweet, Logic took matters into his own hands: "I will pay for your entire trip. Take care of the extras, give you all the free merch you can carry for both you and your brother, and hang out with you so we can take selfies!"

He then added, "I mean... if that's okay with you?"

After seeing his unexpected response, Erin tweeted that she was "in shock" and "crying."

Logic, 28, made waves in 2017 with his song "1-800-273-8522" -- the title is the number of a suicide help hotline -- and has been a vocal advocate for emotionally supporting teens. The song was nominated for two Grammys this year.