Giada De Laurentiis redeems herself after Nicole Kidman shaded her cooking


Celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis returned to The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday and redeemed herself after an appearance last year led to Nicole Kidman shading her cooking.

The author and restaurant owner last appeared on the talk show in May, the same day that Kidman was a guest and joined in during a cooking segment.

However, after tasting De Laurentiis’ pizza, the Oscar winner declared it “a little tough”

Returning to the show to promote her new book, Giada’s Italy: My Recipes for La Dolce Vita, the 47-year-old food whiz first checked Kidman wasn’t somewhere in the studio.

“I know you surprise people with people coming out of things,” she said with a laugh.

DeGeneres then explained that the food had been prepared too early the last time De Laurentiis cooked on the show.

“The thing is they were sitting out too long,” she said of the pizzas. “I think someone made them way earlier in the day.”

“Maybe, like five hours early,” piped in De Laurentiis, who then joked she had been checking every 30 minutes for the last four hours to ensure everything wasn’t prepared too early this time.

She then reverted to the age-old tactic of using alcohol to sway her judge, starting off the segment by making a spritzer slushy.

“I figured if we got you drunk enough you wouldn’t know the difference and then you’d love everything,” she explained.

The pair made an avocado bean dip before moving onto De Laurentiis’ pizza redemption, which saw them tossing dough in the air -- and each other’s faces -- while whipping up heart-shaped Positano pizzas.

“This is to redeem myself from Nicole Kidman, OK,” said De Laurentiis, who recently opened her second Las Vegas restaurant. “I wish Nicole was here. She would like them!”


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