Geraldo Rivera, 74, shares a kiss with wife Erica, 43, as he promotes his new memoir


Geraldo Rivera and his wife, Erica, are publicly puckering up!

The couple hit New York restaurant Del Frisco to celebrate his new book, "The Geraldo Show: A Memoir," where they shared a chaste kiss for the cameras.

Geraldo, 74, and Erica, 43, wed in 2003, and they share one daughter. Geraldo also has children from his four previous marriages.

The two even coordinated outfits for the big night: Geraldo's magenta tie perfectly complemented his wife's fluted-sleeve dress. His signature tinted glasses were also tinted pink. Look, for whatever reason, the guy committed years ago to tinted glasses, and he's sticking with 'em.

Geraldo spoke candidly at the event, opening up to news outlets about recent buzzy stories -- including the backlash against his Fox News colleague Laura Ingraham.

"What she did was terrible," Geraldo told The Wrap of her controversial comments about a Parkland student who survived the February 14 school massacre. “What she said was just indefensible.”

Fox News has distanced itself from Geraldo's comments on Tuesday, with a network rep telling the outlet, "Geraldo is out of the loop on this issue and speaks for no one but himself."