Jesse McCartney returns to the music scene with new single 'Better With You'


Singer-songwriter Jesse McCartney took some time out of his busy life to promote his new single "Better With You" at BUILDseriesNYC.

It's been roughly four years since he last released new music for his fans and McCartney hopes his new song will brighten everyone's spirits.

"I was in the studio for the past couple of years and one of my buddies, Brandyn Burnette, he and his girlfriend actually helped me write the song," he explained. "It was kind of a crazy time last year and I just felt like there was a lot of division among everybody. It was very intense both politically and socially. I just felt like there needed to be a song that made people feel better and just kind of bring people together."

McCartney believes that the song is relatable in the sense that listeners will know somebody or can find somebody that makes them a better version of themselves. When he cut the final version in the studio, he knew this was a really special song and a jumpstart to what will become his sixth studio album, which is still in the works.

As to whether "Better With You" is autobiographical, the singer shared that he indeed has that special someone in his life that brings the best out of him, but wouldn't actually reveal who that person is. However -- he affirmed his fans -- that your "special someone" doesn't have to be explicitly your boyfriend or girlfriend, it can also just be your mom, or even your pet(s).

When it comes to the actual music video for the track, McCartney got to put his creative hat on and shared his vision and input for the overall feel and aesthetic.

"I sat down with my director Jo Roy who just did such an incredible job, and she and I sat down and we just sort of banged our heads together," he said of the creative process. "It was kind of a collaborative effort. We decided we wanted to do something like a butterfly effect where something as incidental as a quarter rolling past your shoe can change the entire outcome of your future and your future relationships and that's what we set out to do.'

In the music video, which took just two days to shoot and about thirty costume changes, you'll see McCartney starring alongside actress Danielle Campbell who plays his love interest.

"It's hard because of a song like this, it can so easily be like a slice of cheese, you know, it could be super cheese-ball but we wanted to incorporate things that made a relationship look authentic. That's why we had this fight scene in the middle, and it was the highs and lows of a relationship that we wanted to sort of highlight and I think this video executed that," McCartney added.

The 30-year-old artist told the audience that he was amazed that ever since the release of the song just a week ago, his dedicated fans have already learned the lyrics and have been singing along when he performs it live.

"I've been doing a lot of live shows. They're already singing the song," he said with excitement. "It's really cool! It's funny, I've never seen in like fifteen years that I've been doing music, I've never been performing at a live show where the fans have so quickly learned the lyrics, even if they hadn't heard it, by the second chorus, they're already singing along. It's a special feeling."

Download "Better With You" by Jesse McCartney now on iTunes and Google Play. Also, check out the official music video for the new single right now on his YouTube channel.