Sarah Silverman, Kumail Nanjiani hold civil ‘Roseanne’ discussion

Americans might be heavily divided, but comedians Sarah Silverman and Kumail Nanjiani proved on Thursday that it’s still possible to argue about the issues of the day without descending into a political fight club. At least, if you’re both liberal-leaning comics who generally like one another.

At issue, ABC’s “Roseanne” revival. Silverman, who hosts Hulu’s “I Love You, America,” which looks at the country’s deep political divides, praised the “Roseanne” revival on Twitter Thursday for being “totally of this moment” in its depiction of “angst w/in close families.” She then urged her followers to expose themselves to art beyond their political comfort zones.

Oscar-nominee Nanjiani disagreed, telling Silverman that he loves and respects her, but won’t watch “Roseanne” because of star Roseanne Barr’s recent now-deleted tweet sharing the conspiracy theory that Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg gave a nazi salute. (He didn’t.)

“I know that’s not her character on the show,” the Silicon Valley star said, but he asked Silverman not to judge people who don’t want to watch it because of Barr’s real-world actions.

Silverman replied that she isn’t judging, and that she muted Roseanne Barr “years ago.” But, she said, ABC’s “Roseanne” revival provides an example to viewers of “learning/then accepting stuff thats unfamiliar & therefore scary 2them,” which she said is how change happens.

Nanjiani’s reply: “I understand that perspective. ❤ you too a lot.”

Awww, you guys.

See the whole exchange below:

See Roseanne Barr through the years: