Pippa Middleton's father-in-law charged by French authorities with raping a child: Report


David Matthews, father-in-law of Pippa Middleton, has been charged by French authorities with raping a child. He was held in custody in Paris for 48 hours before being released on bail Friday, according to legal sources speaking to French national news agency AFP.

Matthews, 73, is the multi-millionaire father of James Matthews, who wed Pippa Middleton in May 2017.

The attack allegedly occurred in 1998 or 1999 when Matthews was on vacation in France. A witness went to police in 2017 to report the incident. The age and identity of the witness and victim are not known to the public.

Authorities described the charge as "rape of a minor by a person with authority over his victim," AFP reports.

Matthews was arrested at Paris Orly airport on Tuesday, according to the Daily Mail.

Matthews is married to wife Jane, 70, and is also father to Spencer Matthews, who used to star on the British reality show "Made in Chelsea."

The family was all in attendance at James and Pippa's May 2017 wedding, where the Duchess of Cambridge and her family were present as well.

The rape case will be handled by the Juvenile Protection Brigade of the Paris judicial police.

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