No, Justin Theroux and Aubrey Plaza are not dating -- here's why they were hanging out


Can't believe everything you read, folks.

Justin Theroux and Aubrey Plaza were spotted hanging out together in New York this week, which sent the rumor mill into overdrive -- but there's a very simple explanation.

"She and Justin are talking about a film project to work on together," a source told Page Six. "Aubrey is still with her boyfriend, Jeff Baena."

Plaza and filmmaker Baena have not only been dating since 2011, but they also often work together professionally -- so, really, there's a good chance that Plaza and Theroux were meeting to discuss a project involving her own boyfriend.

See Aubrey Plaza and Jeff Baena:

Plaza and Theroux have actually worked together before; in 2010, he appeared in a few episodes of "Parks and Recreation."

Of course, it's no surprise that the public encounter got people talking. Since splitting from wife Jennifer Aniston earlier this year, every move he's made has generated headlines. In recent weeks, he's been seen on "dinner dates" with director Petra Collins but has said they're just friends.

It will likely take some time before we see Theroux and Aniston go public with any new romances -- or rekindled old ones, if you believe rumors that Aniston could reunite with ex Brad Pitt.

"[Brad and Jen] have each other’s cell phone numbers and communicate from time to time," a source told ET last month, but they are "absolutely not together."