How Meghan Markle won over Prince Philip with this strategic move: Report


We know that royal-to-be Meghan Markle won over the Queen back in the fall, but what about Prince Harry's grandfather, Prince Philip?

The retired royal has an especially close bond to Harry, so his approval likely means just as much to Harry as the queen's, and the UK's Express reported this week that Markle has indeed won him over -- and she used a little trick to seal the deal.

According to a palace insider quoted by the British outlet, Markle first really got to spend time with the Duke of Edinburgh at Sandringham over the Christmas holiday. Queen Elizabeth famously broke royal protocol by inviting Markle to spend the holiday with the royals -- an invitation normally reserved for people that have officially married into the family.

The source told Express that Markle slyly asked Philip all about his own personal history, including his Greek roots. The duke was part of Danish and Greek royalty before giving up those titles to marry the queen in 1947.

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"The Duke of Edinburgh really got on with her," the source said. "The reason he liked her was because she was very bold. Meghan asked a lot of questions about Philip's side of the family and his connection to Greece."

While the tactic clearly worked to her advantage, the royal insider was unsure whether she came up with it on her own or if fiancé Prince Harry gave her the tip.

"Was she told to say that by Prince Harry? I don't know," the source said. "But she got really involved in the conversation."

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are set to wed on May 19 at Windsor Castle, with Prince Philip scheduled in attendance despite having recently cancelled two consecutive public appearances for health reasons.

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