Twitter is bashing Sean Penn over the #MeToo poem in his new book

To be a poet, or not to be? That is the question.

On Wednesday, Sean Penn’s new book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, was released, and the reviews are not pretty. On Tuesday, Claire Fallon from the Huffington Post described the book as “an exercise in ass-showing, a 160-page self-own.”

But why? Twitter might argue that it’s because of the six-page poem he includes about the #MeToo movement. Penn references a few of the men who have been recently accused of sexual misconduct, such as Louis C.K. and Charlie Rose.

This Twitter user might say that you don’t need to read poetry on the reg to recognize that.

Penn was also critiqued on the quality of the poem itself.

And many addressed his personal history of alleged sexual misconduct with ex-wife Madonna.

This guy took it upon himself to rewrite Penn’s “sexist” poem — non-politely asking him to keep his mouth shut.

Do you think Penn will comment on the reviews on his poem?

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