These stars are shading ‘Roseanne’ despite rave reviews


Not everyone is a fan of the Roseanne reboot. After the ABC series returned on Tuesday, March 27, to rave reviews and huge ratings, Chrissy TeigenandEmmy Rossum slammed the sitcom because of Roseanne Barr’s controversial comments and support for President Donald Trump.

“Argh. Hit show on ABC. we have reached peak normalization,” Teigen, 32, captioned a screenshot of one of Barr’s tweets that read “NAZI SALUTE” on Thursday, March 29.

In a second tweet the model added, “I loved that damn show. Before the lottery win and heart attack, of course.” (In the final season Roseanne’s original run, Roseanne’s family wins the lottery and John Goodman’s character Dan Conner dies of heart attack. In the reboot, however, Goodman’s character in still alive.)

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Despite her Shameless costar Emmy Kenney’s role in Roseanne, Rossum had a similar criticism about the reboot.

“Some reviews I’ve been reading that Rosanne (SIC) is attempting to bridge the gap in this country thru comedy are interesting… but I’m sorry, anyone who voted for A WALL is not trying to BRIDGE anything,” the 31-year-old actress tweeted on Thursday.

After Barr revealed on Good Morning America that Trump called her to congratulate her on successful premiere of the reboot, Rossum added, “@potus called ROSANNE (SIC) to congratulate her on her ratings. This reinforces that he truly only cares about ‘ratings’ and popularity and what‘s on TV. What is it all coming to?.”

“Roseanne on Jimmy Kimmel about Trump: ‘let’s try to think positive.’ Well, actions speak louder,” she continued in a third tweet. “The Wall. The transgender military ban. The normalization of lying. The demonizing of the press. The rise in hate crimes. The POSITIVE is the MIDTERM ELECTIONS.”

The Day After Tomorrow star concluded her series of tweets with a shoutout to Kenney. “That being said, I love my girl @EmmaRoseKenney,” she wrote.

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Barr, meanwhile, has focused on the positive reaction to the series. “it was a thrill to get a congratulatory phone call from The President of The United States of America. POTUS is the Fifth President I have received support from! what a life!” the comedian tweeted.

In another tweet, she reacted to the reports that 18 million people watched the premiere: “18 million homes! its so awesome bc its 2018 and Passover is about 18-the number of LIFE. my lucky number! 18=9=Prime!”

Roseanne airs on ABC Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.