Eric Trump boasts he’s a ‘Jeopardy’ answer, Twitter hands him his hat

It’s pretty exciting to be famous enough to be an answer on “Jeopardy,” and Eric Trump couldn’t resist sharing the moment with his Twitter followers.

“Always fun being a #jeopardy question. ????: Who is “brother in law.” ????????????,” he shared on Wednesday night with a screenshot of the answer “Eric Trump to Jared Kushner” from the long-running gameshow hosted by Alex Trebek.

Yeah, he left himself wide open. And Roast Twitter came out in droves to make the president’s son — who has been managing the Trump Organization with his brother, Donald Trump Jr., since their father took office — the brunt of their jokes. Many of them focused on his and Kushner’s reported ties to Russia.

Here is a sampling of choice responses:

I totally missed this one! I went with “co-felon”. Drat.

— Kimberly Stone (@kstonejones) March 28, 2018

???? "Who are the traitor tots?"

— ????➖Dustin Miller➖???? (@spdustin) March 28, 2018

What is an accomplice?

— Mike Yablonski (@myablonski) March 28, 2018

I will take Federal Penitentiary Inmates for $400

— BrotherMatthew ???????????????? (@STPFreak) March 29, 2018

Who is "Likely to be wired in order to turn state's evidence, Alex?"

— rbe (@perdidostschool) March 29, 2018

What is cell mate?

— Greg Gibbs (@Raincoat) March 28, 2018

Are you sure you want to remind people of how much Jeopardy your brother-in-law is in?

— Donna Smalley (@DonnaHudSmall) March 28, 2018

Who is Beavis?

— Natika (@NatikaMonroe) March 28, 2018

Of course, they all may be taking a cue from “Saturday Night Live,” which routinely skewers the eldest Trump brothers — and Kushner — on the show.

You’d think Eric would have learned by now.