Tamar Braxton wore blonde wigs because her ex-husband prefers 'light, fair-skin women'


Tamar Braxton's latest comments are turning heads -- with and without wigs.

During an appearance on Steve Harvey's talk show this week, Tamar revealed that up until she split from her husband in October 2017, she wore blonde wigs because he prefers light-skinned women.

"Vince [Herbert] likes blond head, light, fair-skin women,” she said. “I just wasn’t born with no blond hair. But for me, I think that’s just a responsibility women have … it’s to stay current for your man."

Although she emphasized that she believes in "being attractive for your mate," she also noted that now that she's single, she no longer has any need for her wig collection. In fact, she recently shaved her head to debut a buzz cut.

Tamar and Vince, a music executive, were together for nine years before going their separate ways. She has denied rumors that he got another woman pregnant.

“At this point I believe that he doesn’t have anything to lie about," she said on "The View" in February. "I’m already gone, I’m already divorced."