Meghan Markle has ‘lost sleep over relatives’ as wedding nears

MeghanMarkle’s nerves are starting to set in as her May 19 nuptials to PrinceHarry approach. After estranged family members of the future princess, 36, revealed that they weren’t invited to the upcoming royal wedding, they are still making it their business to catch a glimpse of her special day.

A source reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly now her half-sister Samantha Grant as well as nephew Tyler Dooley (her half-brother Thomas Markle Jr.’s son) and his mother (her ex-sister-in-law), Tracy, will be flying down to London to be TV wedding correspondents.

“Meghan is really worried about some these members of her family,” the insider says. “She hasn’t spoken to them in years.”

Every time Meghan Markle has broken royal protocol
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Every time Meghan Markle has broken royal protocol

When she ditched the tights

Wearing hosiery is reportedly an unspoken rule for female members of the royal family, and one that Queen Elizabeth is a stickler for. Meghan Markle defied tradition when she went sans tights for her engagement photos.


When she spent Christmas with Queen Elizabeth

Meghan Markle made history when she became the first fiancée to spend Christmas with the queen at her Sandringham residence. Usually, events with the queen are reserved for spouses of royals. When Kate Middleton was engaged to Prince William she wasn't given that special privilege and instead spent the holiday with her own family.


When she wore a messy bun

There's no rule (that we know of) that claims royal ladies must have perfect blown out tresses for all royal engagements, but it's a look we've become accustomed to since Duchess Kate came into the picture in 2011 with her glossy curls and impeccable chignons. 


When she decided to make a speech at her own wedding

In Britain, traditionally the groom, father of the bride, and the best man make speeches after the wedding. However, the former actress will make a speech at her May 19 ceremony to pay tribute to Prince Harry and his family.


When she showed PDA with Prince Harry

Royal couples usually refrain from showing PDA in public -- a precedent set by Queen Elizabeth -- but it seems as if Meghan and Harry can't get their hands off each other!


When she gave an autograph

Royals aren't allowed to give autographs for security reasons, but Meghan Markle made an exception for one 10-year-old girl.


When she hugged kids

Again, for security reasons, royals are usually required to keep their hands to themselves (handshakes are okay). However, Meghan Markle defied that rule when she gave a group of children hugs while visiting a community center.


When she wore head-to-toe black

Usually, the dark hue is reserved for somber occasions like funerals or events like Remembrance Sunday Service. In fact, you'd never see Duchess Kate stepping out in an outfit like this for any public appearance.


When she wore a suit to a black-tie event

Meghan Markle shocked and stunned the world when she showed up to a black-tie affair with an Alexander McQueen suit on instead of a ball gown. While there's no official rule that royals must wear gowns, the move broke from tradition in a major way.


When she wore a crossbody bag

Holding clutches during public appearances is usually the norm for members of the royal family. Because protocol states you shouldn't offer your hand to any member of the royal family, Kate opts for clutches to avoid any awkward confrontations. However, Meghan surprised everyone when she stepped out in Scotland with a crossbody.


When she took a political stance

When she appeared alongside Duchess Kate, Prince Harry and Prince William, Meghan Markle expressed her support for the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. It was a surprising moment considering protocol forbids members of the royal family to take sides on political issues.


Meghan Markle's side bun

She does it again! Meghan rocked a chic side bun during a surprise trip to Ireland, but just like her messy bun, it's an uncommon style for royals to rock.



To make matters more difficult, since the actress and 33-year-old Captain General of the Royal Marines announced their engagement, Markle’s family have been speaking to the press about her. “She’s lost sleep over relatives who’ve screwed her over,” the source says. “It’s the one thing she’s struggled with most since meeting Harry, especially after the engagement.”

The insider adds that “she’s finding it really hard to trust people she meets now.”

Us Weekly Cover Melania Trump Donald Trump

This is not the first time that the Suits star’s estranged relatives have commented on her relationship with the prince. After Prince Harry commented that the royals are the “family she never had,” Markle’s clan hit back at his remarks.

Grant also exclusively told Us Weekly a month before his comments that her regal romance has “created rifts between” the family.

But for now, as the wedding date nears, the close pal says Markle’s trying to relax and avoid “paying attention” to any of the family drama.

Gary Janetti's best Prince George and Meghan Markle memes
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Gary Janetti's best Prince George and Meghan Markle memes
"This is not the 'who wore it better' you want, dear."
"If Diana were still alive this would've killed her."
“I don’t understand why your modeling career didn’t take off after this shoot.”
“I hear you’re getting a Lifetime movie. And will you be playing yourself or did you not have enough credits?”
“I guess now I know what he sees in you.”
"Would you like a glass of water because you look THIRSTY."
“I liked this better when Emma Stone wore it four years ago.”
“This one is actually hurting my eyes.”
“If you’re going to show some leg, you do it like this.”
“Yeah, that’s about right.”
“THIS is a pose, dear.”
“This is worse than if you had murdered someone.”
“Jesus, I just woke up and I look more put together.”
“I hope he’s telling you your hair looks like shit.”
“I still can’t tell if you’re trying too hard or not enough.”
“You’re not supposed to let them touch you, dear, you’re supposed to wave at them from behind a rope and act like they’re not gross.”
“Wow, look at all the Suits fans who showed up.”
“I hope you like your wedding gift. It’s a hairbrush.”
“So... is he only giving you like ten minutes to get ready? Is that what’s going on?”
“You look like a college girl going to the funeral of one of her boyfriend’s family members whom you never met.”
“Oh, shit, she’s trying to do the wave.”
“This is the Royal Family you’re joining, dear, not Melrose Place.”
“So I’m guessing for your wedding I wear my formal sweatpants.”
“That’s the face I make every time I see one of your outfits.”
“And will your wedding gown also be from H&M?”
“When should I be expecting my Paperless Post evite, dear?”
“How is it his mother was the most fashionable woman in the world and you always look like you’re on a Starbucks run?”
“I imagine you’ve been to the Golden Globes many times. As a waitress.”
“That outfit literally just made me throw up.”
“I just want you to think of me as your nephew. Who you bow to every single time you see.”
“You flew economy! ECONOMY!”
“Cute photo shoot, dear. Oh, did I mention I’m going to be the fucking King?”
“I’m so excited you’ll be getting married in 2018. And divorced.”
“We’re having a small gathering at the palace tonight. But it’s royalty only. I wish I could make an exception, dear.”
“I hope your New Year’s resolution is to start working with a stylist.”
“Perhaps during the reception you can perform some of your favourite monologues from Suits.”
“Looks like I win ‘best legs’ too.”
“I say this as a friend. These seem desperate.”
“THIS is how you wear a hat, dear.”
“Hashtag not iconic.”
“Let’s set a time tomorrow to go over all the things you did wrong today.”
“Oh, are you engaged? I hadn’t heard. No one’s really talking about it.”
“I hope you like your Christmas gift. It’s a one way ticket back to LA.”
“I can’t with this fuckery, get me back to the palace.”
“Shorts are my thing, dear. I’m only saying it once.”
“Is it all right if I call you Auntie Meg? And you can call me His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.”
“I couldn’t find your registry on Crate and Barrel.”
“May 19, got it. So is it going to be a cash bar?”
“Nice meeting you. Oh, and next time you see me, bow, ‘kay?”
“Ohhh, YOU’RE what they mean by basic.”
“Christmas this year is just family, dear, you understand.”
“His mother was Princess Diana and you were on Suits. I guess those are similar things.”
“He used to fuck anything with a pulse. Anyway, enjoy your engagement.”
“His mother was the most beloved woman in history so that’s who you’ll be compared to. Bye!”
“Those flowers look cheap. Just like you.”

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