Drew Barrymore loves Jake Gyllenhaal -- and she's got a sign to prove it


Drew ♥ Jake!

Drew Barrymore publicly championed her adoration for Jake Gyllenhaal at the Netflix premiere of "Santa Clarita Diet," proudly boasting a homemade poster drawn with colored markers.

The sign, she explained on the red carpet, was a response to headlines about her appearance on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" -- during a game segment, she was forced to rank some of her past male co-stars from most to least talented.

The game, "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts," requires players to answer embarrassing questions or eat something truly horrific. Desperate to avoid eating turkey testicles, she ranked Adam Sandler at the top, followed by Hugh Grant -- and then Gyllenhaal.

To be fair, she worked with Gyllenhaal more than 15 years ago in 2001's "Donnie Darko," while she's worked with the other two much more recently -- Grant in 2007's "Music and Lyrics" and Sandler in a number of movies through the years.

"I woke up to headlines everywhere that I think [Jake's] the least talented person I've ever worked with," she told the Associated Press of her "I ♥ Jake Gyllenhaal" poster. "I guess people are just desperate for a headline."

Gyllenhaal hasn't yet responded to Barrymore -- but he's known as a chill guy, so we think all will be cool between these two.