Priscilla Presley, 72, makes rare appearance in New York for new Elvis documentary


Welcome to New York, Priscilla Presley! The former wife of the late Elvis Presley arrived in New York this week to promote a new documentary about her ex-husband.

The 72-year-old has dressed to the nines for her public appearances, perfectly coiffing her dark red hair and wearing a collection of stylish black-and-white outfits.

She's certainly changed her look over the years: In the 1960s, she had pitch-black hair, and in the '70s, she went for a full-on blonde bombshell look. But in recent years, she's settled on a deep red shade.

Although Priscilla was born in Brooklyn, she has said she would never move back to New York. "I have too many memories here," she said in 2015 of her longtime Beverly Hills home.

Priscilla is a strong advocate for the new documentary, "Elvis Presley: The Searcher," which will premiere on HBO April 14. It tells, she says, the real truth about his complicated life.

"Seven years ago, I looked for the proper moment and considered now the right time for people’s attention span," she said, discussing why now is the right time for this film. "It’s a three-hour story."