Justin Bieber's night out with model was to make Selena Gomez 'jealous,' source says

Justin Bieber knew exactly what he was doing when he was spotted out with Baskin Champion, a source tells ET.

The 24-year-old singer made headlines after ET's eyewitness spotted him dancing with the 22-year-old model at Craig David's concert at The Roxy in West Hollywood, California, on Tuesday night -- while Selena Gomez has been living it up in Australia.

According to ET's source, Bieber "knows everything he's doing is going to get out," and his night out with Champion was totally intentional. "[Gomez is] off having fun with her friends and so he’s showing that he can still go out and have fun too. And to be honest, I’m sure there’s a part of him that wants to make Selena a bit jealous!” the source says. "This seems like right out of the old Justin’s textbook! He was very manipulative with her emotions the last time and did stuff like this a lot."

But despite Champion heading to Bieber's house after the show, ET's source says their relationship is "nothing more" than flirting. "Justin's been friends with [Baskin, and celebs like Sophia Bush, Arielle Vandenberg also at the concert] for a while. They know each other through mutual friends," the source reveals, explaining that he and Gomez haven't officially decided to break up.

"The thing with Justin and Selena is that when they’re together, they’re together, when they’re apart, they’re apart. As in, they’re no longer attached at the hip," the source shares, adding that there's no bad blood between the pair -- Gomez has just pulled back because she wants to focus on her career, health, family and friends.

“She doesn’t have the time or energy to be all about Justin 100 percent of the time. But when they’re together, she’s fully present. She does care about him a lot, but she just can’t be all in right now,” the source says.

A source told ET on Monday that many of Gomez's close friends aren't big fans of her romance with Bieber. "There's a big crew of people [in Selena's circle] who really don't like Justin and they especially don't like him with Selena," the source said. "A lot of her friends really don't like him. They think he's bad news for Selena and don't approve of the relationship."

"They think he’s a bad influence on her and she becomes really dependent on him," the source continued. "She's so generous and loyal and puts 100 percent of herself into everything, including her relationships, which isn't always the healthiest."

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