Fred Savage being sued for alleged harassment on set of ‘The Grinder': Report


Fred Savage is being sued. A female crew member on set of Fox’s The Grinder has reportedly filed a lawsuit, alleging that in 2015, the actor created a hostile environment for her, TMZ is reporting. She claims that when brushing dandruff off of Savage’s suit, the actor “violently struck” her in the arm three times. She also claims he had a reputation for losing his cool with other women on set.

The woman is reportedly planning on suing The Wonder Years alum as well as Twentieth Century Fox for harassment, discrimination, battery and assault. She has hired the Cochran Firm to represent her.

A source also told TMZ that Fox investigated the claims and looked at video from set, but did not find any inappropriate behavior. They called the allegations “absolutely 100 percent false.”

Us Weekly has reached out to representatives for both the network and Savage.

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In January, The Wonder Years’ TV mother, Alley Mills, claimed that the show was ultimately canceled in 1993 due to a harassment lawsuit against Savage. She called the claims “completely ridiculous,” referring to Savage as “ the least offensive, most wonderful, sweet human being that ever walked the face of the Earth.” At the time, costume designer Monique Long claimed that Savage and his costar Jason Hervey, who played his brother on the show, verbally and physically harassed her.

Savage and the show completely denied all claims and the lawsuit was later dropped.