Blake Shelton & Jimmy Fallon go to a palm reader (and relentlessly mock each other) on 'Fallon'

During Blake Shelton's most recent visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, he spent some time getting to know the late-night host a little better -- courtesy of a palm reader.

The segment opened with Fallon harassing the country star for his obsession with denim. “Do you have, like, denim underwear?” Fallon said deadpan. Once palm-reader Madame Fahrusha enters the mix, the duo’s passive-aggressive banter takes off. “You’ve got a very nice heartline,” Fahrusha says to Shelton, “and that means you give things to charity.” Shelton rebuttals to Fallon, “me being on your show trying to help it, that kind of charity.” Shelton’s relentless teasing continues when Fahrusha begins to inspect Fallon’s palm. “Can I ask you a question?” He says to the palm reader, “can you tell by looking at his hands that he’s never done a days work in his life?”

Fallon makes a comeback later in the episode. “Recently you have been spending some time with a young man,” Fahrusha say to Shelton. Fallon bursts into a cackle, “I forgot to tell you this is an episode of dateline, you’re going to jail dude,” he says.

During a handwriting assessment, Shelton reads aloud the instruction “please write the following statement.” Fallon, seizing an opportunity to make fun of Shelton’s accent and his pronunciation of “write” quips, “it doesn't say [that] it says please write the following statement.” The banter climaxes when both parties are told to write their signatures. “Did you write this with your teeth?” Fallon says. “You signed your name with buttcheeks,” Shelton rebukes.

When the final analysis arrived, Fahrusha agreed that Fallon and Shelton have a “fabulous relationship,” calling Shelton the "troubadour," and Fallon the "jester." Shelton seizes the final opportunity for a dig, “this is like Jerry Lewis, and Dean Martin.”

Shelton appeared as a guest on the March 19 episode of Fallon, where he recalled a time when he made Adam Levine cry and played a game of Name That Song -- in which he hilariously couldn't even name a song by his own girlfriend, Gwen Stefani. Check out the video segment below.

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