Mark Salling death: Toxicology report reveals what was in his system how he spent his final hours


Mark Salling was not sober at the time of his January death, and he spent some of his final hours with his father, according to a Los Angeles County Coroner's Office report obtained by E! News.

Salling, who plead guilty to child pornography charges, was weeks away from his sentencing when he committed suicide by hanging. The toxicology report reveals that at the time of his death, he had a blood alcohol level of 0.095, a figure high enough to be considered proof of intoxication in California.

There were no other drugs found in Salling's system.

The report also sheds light on Salling's final hours: He was "last known to be alive watching television with his father in the living room" on the evening of January 29, and he would die hours later, the morning of January 30.

Salling's mother reportedly noticed that her son and his vehicle were missing around midnight, and his roommate located Salling's house arrest tracking device not far from their home -- just down the street. His body was discovered at 9 AM at a nearby park.

The child pornography case was dismissed by a United States District Judge after his death.