'American Pie' singer Don McLean, 74, is dating a 24-year-old who once appeared on 'Catfish'


Don McLean is dating a woman young enough to be his granddaughter.

The "American Pie" singer is 74 years old, and for the past few months, he's been romancing a 24-year-old woman. For those too tired to do the math today, that makes her one-third of his age.

The young woman, Paris Dylan, has been quite public about their relationship, regularly posting photos of them together on her Instagram. In October 2017 she called him "the love of my entire life."

Based on social media, it appears the two got together before November 2016, when Dylan wrote she was "thankful" for him on Thanksgiving.

Dylan has a bit of a strange relationship history herself: She was once featured on an episode of "Catfish," during which it was revealed that her 33-year-old online boyfriend was in fact a Canadian woman attempting to extort her. (The "boyfriend" really did exist, but the woman was intercepting their messages -- it was a complicated episode.)

McLean has two adult children with Patrisha McLean, to whom he was married for thirty years. In 2016, his daughter Jackie penned a column about their relationship.

"My father could never forgive us for growing up. He wanted to keep us, his lost children, in a Peter Pan fantasy," she wrote. "Every day he talked wistfully about the good times when we were immobile, mute, helpless against any influence."

Upon divorcing him in 2016, McLean's wife accused him of adultery and domestic abuse. She alleges that he threatened to murder her with his gun.