Kendall Jenner says she got her inner lip tattoo when she was drunk: ‘I was not thinking clearly’

Even Kendall Jenner makes mistakes!

The 22-year-old supermodel got the word “meow” inked on the inside of her lip in September 2016 and she opened up about the decision on Thursday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“I was drunk! I was not thinking clearly,” Kendall admitted. “It was literally the first thing that came to my mind. I don’t know, just my drunk thoughts.”

Kendall said the tattoo didn’t hurt too much, saying, “It’s just like fatiness but it’s not, like, bone hurts really bad.”

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star noted that this wasn’t her first tattoo.

“My first one was a white dot because I just wanted to know what it felt like,” she said. “All my friends have them! I just wanted to know what it feels like.”

Kendall also opened up about her family’s extravagant parties, saying, “My family, and especially my mom and Kim and Khloe and Kylie, they love to go all out. I think it’s literally just me and Kourtney that are like, ‘I just need tequila and I need a pizza.’”

With all the showers and babies, Kendall is well aware of the fact that she’s the only one of her siblings not to have a baby.

“I have moments when I’m like, ‘Do I have baby fever?’ but I don’t!” she said. “But I’m good. I can wait for a little while longer, but it’s awesome because I have all these little babies to play with and then I can give them back.”

Kendall also played a game of high fashion charades with Ellen. Watch the clip now to see their funny exchange!

Kendall is the newest Vogue cover girl. In the issue she got very candid, opening up about dating Blake Griffin and her sexuality being questioned.

"I don’t think I have a bisexual or gay bone in my body, but I don’t know! Who knows?!" she told the magazine. "I’m all down for experience -- not against it whatsoever -- but I’ve never been there before."

See photos of Kendall Jenner:

Kendall posed on the cover with a cockatoo, but she says the image wasn't taken exactly as it appeared.

"It wasn't that close to my face," she admitted to DeGeneres. "I love animals. I played with the bird -- it talks and it laughs very creepily."


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