Jennifer Lopez talks marriage and Alex Rodriguez: 'I would love to grow old with somebody'


Jennifer Lopez still wants someone to put a ring on it.

The triple-threat star covers the April issue of Harper's Bazaar and talks about her relationship with Alex Rodriguez and whether the two are hearing wedding bells.

"I do believe in marriage,” says Lopez -- who has three ex-husbands and has been proposed to five times. “I would love to grow old with somebody in a committed relationship -- but I’m not forcing anything right now."

The 48-year-old entertainer adds that she and Rodriguez are good where they're at when it comes to commitment. "It’s good, it’s healthy; we communicate well. We understand each other’s lives in a way that most other people couldn’t," she notes. "We both entered the public eye in our early '20s and overachieved right from the start. And that affects every dynamic in your life, from your family to your work to your relationships. We have a similar makeup."

Lopez is clearly living her best life and says one of her secrets to staying focused is lots of affirmations. The Harper's Bazaar article calls out that she has them strewn about her home.

"My life is full of loving and joyful people, and my workplace is filled with adventure," Lopez recites.

"Affirmations are so important,” she continues. “I am youthful and timeless. I tell myself that every day, a few times a day. It sounds like clichéd bulls**t, but it’s not: Age is all in your mind. Look at Jane Fonda."

Rodriguez also speaks with the magazine about his girlfriend and praises her healthy lifestyle. "She really leans in to the big fundamentals, like getting her rest, eight to 10 hours," the 42-year-old former MLB player shares. "She doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke. She lives a very clean life."

Lopez admits that contentment didn't always come easy for her. "When I was younger I spent a lot of time being half happy and half not happy,” she explains. “[Now] I know who I am and what I want. I also know my strengths and weaknesses. It took me a long time to get to a point where I could say something nice about myself. I’m glad I can do that now."

In an exclusive interview with ET's Kevin Frazier last month, the mother of two reflected on her one-year relationship with Rodriguez.

"It's crazy. We both are so happy about our lives right now and where we're at professionally, as well as personally," she gushed. "You know, just things seem to be flowing in a really beautiful way. We both have a lot of support for each other and a lot of love for each other."