Watch this 'Jeopardy!' sudden-death tiebreaker that made history

Even after decades on the air, "Jeopardy!" is still a nail-biter. Hardcore fans were on the edge of their seats this week as one episode of the beloved game show ended with something never before seen.

Contestants Laura and Sarah were both tied at $6,799 after the Final Jeopardy round, when all three competitors blew it on a question about the Channel Islands. But rather than split the win, the two faced off in a sudden-death tiebreaker based on a single clue.

In the clip, host Alex Trebek — without batting an eye — reveals the category as "way back in 2017" (luckily, it had nothing to do with football). The clue? "Her April decision to call a snap parliamentary election proved less than brilliant on June 8."

Defending champion Laura buzzes in first and answers correctly with Prime Minister Theresa May. Her two-day total winnings stand at $19,598.

The tiebreaker rules were first announced in 2016, but Thursday was the first time the measure had ever been used in a non-tournament game.

"If there are two or three players tied for first place after each contestant unveils their Final Jeopardy response, Alex will present one more category and read the clue. The clue has no dollar value and does not increase the player's winnings," the game's website says.

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Watson's Final Jeopardy answer fail 

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Ken Jennings' epic answer

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An epic Alex Trebek burn

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Wolf Blitzer loses $4,600 in the first round


A rare, three-way $0 finish

Silly kids! For the first time in a tournament semifinal match, all three contestants ended up with no money.

Contestant makes poop joke

One contestant had quite the potty mouth on this 1986 episode.

Teen contestant drops F-bomb: 'Oh f-ck!'

Yup, our thoughts exactly. 

Alex Trebek starts a show without pants

Maybe he isn't all that uptight after all!



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