Jennifer Lawrence defends herself, says she wasn't 'being rude' at BAFTA Awards

Rania Aniftos

Jennifer Lawrence knows more than anyone that sometimes a joke can be taken the wrong way when in the public eye. As was the case during the BAFTA Film Awards Sunday (Feb. 18), after host Joanna Lumley introduced the Hunger Games star as “the hottest actress on the planet.”

Lawrence was quick to dismiss the comment, saying, “That was a bit much, but thank you Joanna.” The reply was criticized by viewers, who assumed Lawrence was being rude and unappreciative. The actress slammed the accusations the next day.

“Backstage, Joanna and I are both about to go out, and she was going to present me. And I was like, ‘Just adjective after adjective. Tall! Beautiful!’” Lawrence described the inside joke that happened behind the scenes, while appearing on the Magic Radio Breakfast show.

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"Everybody thought that I was being rude," she continued. "But to be fair, I couldn't have just walked out after she was like, 'biggest movie star in the world!' If I'd just walked out and gone 'thank you Joanna.' It would have been like, 'so you agree? You think you're really pretty!'"

“I wasn’t being rude, it was an inside joke. I mean I’m always rude,” she teased sarcastically. While Lawrence wasn’t nominated at the awards ceremony, she presented the award for outstanding British film to Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

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