Selfie kid was the best part of the Super Bowl halftime show

Towards the end of the show, Timberlake made his way up into the crowd, where he performed the end of his medley. He stopped right next to this kid, who seemed like he was not expecting to be thrust into the center of the most-watched event of the year. Justin Timberlake and his elk shirt performed the halftime show at the Super Bowl on Sunday, but the best part of the whole thing was watching this kid get his selfie and immediately turn into a meme.

After dancing with Timberlake for a bit, the kid gets out his phone. He wants a damn selfie. You can totally see him lining up for it as the crowd celebrates the moment.

But as the set ends and Timberlake thanks Minneapolis, the kid manages to get a selfie with Timberlake in the crowd.

"Super Bowl selfies," he says into the mic, before walking away, back into the woods.

The kid was clearly the star of the show. 

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Selfie kid from Super Bowl Halftime Show becomes a meme
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Selfie kid from Super Bowl Halftime Show becomes a meme
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