Demi Lovato's upcoming tour will feature free therapy sessions for fans

Demi Lovato is putting her fans first. 

The 25-year-old singer's upcoming tour will feature free therapy sessions for concertgoers before each show through CAST on Tour. Fans will have the opportunity to sign up for free sessions led by CAST founder Mike Bayer centered on mental health and wellness, with special guest speakers leading discussions about their personal journeys in order to help others. 

Last year's guests included names like Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Phil McIntyre, Bea Miller and Metta World Peace. Speakers for Lovato's upcoming tour will be announced in the next few weeks. 

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Lovato has been open about her own road to recovery and mental health with the help of CAST, and is now part owner of CAST Centers. 

"Mike and CAST Centers played a vital part in my recovery and I think itโ€™s important to helping start hard but necessary conversations about mental health and addiction recovery. Iโ€™m really excited to bring them on tour with me again in hopes to reach and inspire thousands of fans,โ€ the singer said in a statement. 

CAST will be joining Lovato on all 20 dates of her upcoming tour with DJ Khaled, which kicks off on Feb. 26 in San Diego, California, and concludes on March 31 in Tampa, Florida. This year's CAST on Tour will partner with one mental health and wellness charity in each city, encouraging fans to donate via text message throughout the concert. 


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