'13 Reasons Why' actor Bryan Box, 23, arrested for stealing from elderly

A young actor who appeared on the hit Netflix show "13 Reasons Why" has been arrested on suspicion of robbing elderly people in the Bay Area, according to local police.

Before Bryan Box, 23, played Jamie Garrison on the show, he worked as a home caretaker for elderly individuals. This past fall, he allegedly dropped by homes he used to work for for casual visits, chatting with the residents before secretly burglarizing them.

For one robbery, Box allegedly made a fake phone call to the wife of a current client, telling her that her husband had died at the hospital, the Marin Independent-Journal reports: "The distraught 72-year-old woman rushed to the hospital, where she was informed that her husband was alive and sleeping. Later, she discovered that jewelry was missing from her Tiburon home."

Easy, Low-Cost Home Security Tips
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Easy, Low-Cost Home Security Tips

If you're sleeping solo these days, take your car's remote control to bed with you. If you hear suspicious noises, push the remote's "panic" button and let the alarm scare away intruders.

Pretend you're home watching "Downton Abbey" and deter burglars with FakeTV ($34), a small gizmo that glows and flashes like the flicker of a television set. FakeTV uses the same energy as a nightlight, and has a built-in light sensor and timer, which turns it on at dusk and off when you wish.

In the U.K., they slather "anti-climb" paint, which never dries, on downspouts, gutters, and anything they don't want an intruder to shimmy up. It doesn't seem to be available in the U.S. yet. But it's a wild idea.

Virgin snow is a sure sign that no one's home. If you're away after a snowstorm, ask a neighbor's kid to tromp around your yard, creating footprints that will fool a burglar into thinking you're around but just haven't gotten around to shoveling your snow yet.

Also, ask a neighbor to occasionally park their car in front of your house, making it look like you're entertaining visitors. And ask them to remove any fliers that may be wedged into your door or mailbox. Burglars sometimes case a home by planting a flier and checking to see if someone retrieves it.

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Other plans were less complicated: He visited the residents at home and talked about his budding acting career and the Netflix show, sometimes even offering small gifts, authorities say. But after his departure, residents would realize certain valuables were missing. In one case, Box left with $50,000 worth of items.

Stolen property, some of which was discovered by authorities at Box's home, included jewelry, medications and Social Security cards and checks.

He will face an arraignment on Jan. 16.

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