Christmas and Hanukkah gifts 2017 for the cool mom in your life, inspired by 'Big Little Lies'

Believe it or not, it's no "Big Little Lie" -- the holiday season is already upon us!

Finding the perfect gift can be tricky, and even more so for the most important lady in everyone's life: Mom! So for inspiration, we turned to 2017's coolest collection of moms. HBO's breakout show of the year featured five women with impeccable style (well, four -- no offense, Shailene Woodley, but your character mostly just wore sweats).

Whether you're shopping for your mother, or you're a mom gifting your own friends, this guide is for those California-cool women who balance busy lives with a bit of flair.

Holiday gift guide inspired by the moms of 'Big Little Lies'
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Holiday gift guide inspired by the moms of 'Big Little Lies'
The 'Big Little Lies' ladies love their wine -- but simply handing over a bottle for the holidays sometimes feels impersonal. To enhance the standard holiday wine exchange, add classy accessories like RBT's gold waiter's corkscrew ($50) and hexagon coasters ($40). (Credit: HBO)
Few of us can look as fit as Bonnie (Zoe Kravitz), but trendy workout clothes can make all the difference. A slashback crop top and leggings from Outdoor Voices ($60 - $95) allows a cool mom to get her stretch on. (Credit: HBO)

Reese Witherspoon's Madeline Martha Mackenzie often pairs a red lip with this coordinating peacoat. A slight flare dresses up the style, and if you're not wedded to the dark buttons, this Laundry by Shelli Segal red peacoat has a similar shape ($150). For a pricer but preppier version, J. Crew makes a wool blend peacoat ($278) that will keep you warm in the chillier months. (Credit: HBO)

For parents who love the beauty of nature -- and prefer to drink "clean" -- the ideal alcoholic beverage may be Botanist gin, made from distilled ingredients "hand-picked locally and sustainably" from the Scottish island of Islay. (Credit: HBO)

In a sea of dark workout clothes, Celeste stands out in this light blue puffer vest as she and her friends (frenemies?) jog along the California cost. Lands' End sells a near-identical vest ($109) -- and it even comes in Tall for ladies as lengthy as Nicole Kidman. (Credit: HBO)
The moms of Monterrey occasionally have to dress up for big nights out -- like that fateful masquerade party -- but with young kids running around at home, they don't have much time to get ready. An easy-to-use makeup kit from Trestique, like the Shimmering Nudes holiday set ($38), will get any mom gorgeous without taking up much time. (Credit: HBO)
For the trendy California mom and dad, a genderless ring ups the style in an everyday ensemble. This silver signet ring by AWE would get approval from Bonnie and James as either of them could rock it -- and when you purchase, a portion of the proceeds go to a charity of your choice. (Credit: HBO)
Since the aesthetic of a Monterrey home is cool but elegant, your everyday scented candle is a bit elementary. For a playful but modern alternative, try this trendy but low-key candle from from The 125 Collection ($35) -- both scent options are excellent.
Whether your go-to look is smooth and straight, tied up in a bun or coiffed via blowout, the right hair product makes all the difference -- especially on windy coastlines like Monterrey. An anti-frizz smoothing serum from MARAJÓ ($38) will keep flyaways at bay.

Moms who are constantly keeping up with kids can always use a few products that make their lives easier. One of those is MunchPak, a snack delivery service that ships boxes of goodies Monday through Friday, saving you precious grocery store time. 

Red lips and simple, no-fuss earrings elevate a casual outfit -- and Madeline is all about looking effortlessly better than all her peers. These Tory Burch imitation pearl studs ($88) fit the bill perfectly. (Credit: HBO)
Any well-dressed couple knows the right watch can make or break an outfit. And while Perry and Celeste's relationship certainly had its deep issues, it did look quite good from the outside! We think they'd both find the perfect sophisticated-but-cool watches from SKAGEN, which offers male and female options. We especially love the leather hybrid smartwatches ($175). (Credit: HBO)
As complicated mom of two Celeste, Nicole Kidman hides her secrets behind glamorous but subdued cat-eye sunglasses. Zappos offers free two-day delivery on a similar pair by Perverse ($40). (Credit: HBO)
A state-of-the-art home requires equally modern, 21st-century decor. Instead of setting out traditional photo frames, a custom photo book can be a sleeker way to share family photos. If you're looking for a pop of color, Chatbooks offers Kate Spade-designed options. (Credit: HBO)

And of course, for those willing to drop more cash, a trip to the Monterrey coast is certainly a nice gift option.

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