Everything you think you know about the 'Monster Mash' is a lie

Though there's pretty much an endless supply of worthwhile Halloween movies, when it comes to Halloween songs, we’ve mostly just got “The Monster Mash.”

Unless you count “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah,” which, you really should.

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But the internet discovered two things that will make you re-think everything you know about the “Monster Mash," and you're going to want to sit down while you hear this.

For one, as Twitter user Lawrence Miles pointed out, “You’ve never heard the actual Monster Mash. You’ve just heard a record *about* the Monster Mash.” 

Miles notes that in the song, singer Bobby Pickett is recalling the time his eyes “beheld an eerie sight,” calling it a “rough approximation” at best.

We know. Don't you feel like Bruce Willis at the end of the "Sixth Sense"? But that’s not all.

Best group costume ideas for Halloween this year:

Pop Culture Halloween Costumes for Groups
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Pop Culture Halloween Costumes for Groups
BIG LITTLE LIES: Five gal pals can easily become the leading ladies of "Big Little Lies." For Reese Witherspoon's Madeline Martha Mackenzie, think California preppy -- laid-back but polished in fall shades like burgundy -- or just pop on a Lulu Lemon ensemble. For Nicole Kidman's Celeste, carry two twin baby dolls; Renata (Laura Dern) requires a glass of red wine. Zoe Kravitz's Bonnie is all about earthy, boho vibes, and for the friend who hates putting together costumes, Shailene Woodley's Jane basically just wears sweats.
IT -- This big ensemble cast is perfect for a large group of friends. And costume-wise, it's easy to replicate The Losers Club, all of whom mostly just wear everyday t-shirts. And you know one friend wants to be Pennywise, so that guy can creepily escort you all into your Halloween party. (But hopefully not into a sewer.)
CHARLI XCX'S 'BOYS' VIDEO GUYS -- Oh man (or should we say boy?), there's a lot to choose from here. Dozens upon dozens of men are featured in the video, all with totally different personalities and styles -- which makes this the perfect choice for a group of guys hitting a Halloween party together.
Fifth Harmony -- This girl group costume is for four ladies ready to rock some attitude and stilettos. Oh wait, you need to accommodate five people? Then one will have to be ex-member Camila Cabello, and she has to stand uncomfortably to the side in every photo, removed from the rest of the crew.
PREGNANT KARDASHIANS -- Every year, groups of friends become the Kardashian clan for Halloween, but this year is special. This year, we have three pregnant Kardashians. So those lucky enough to play Khloe and Kylie can stuff pillows under their tops, and someone will have to be Kim's anonymous surrogate, standing next to her all night with a pregnant belly and a bag over her head.
TAYLOR SWIFT'S 'LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO' EVOLUTION -- You know you all want to do this. There are infinite Taylor looks to choose from, but her most iconic ones are all on display in her hit video. The more friends in your group, the more versions of Taylor you can put on display.
'STRANGER THINGS' SEASON 2 CAST -- A lot of people dressed up as the 'Stranger Things' cast in 2016, but by the time Halloween rolls around this year, you'll have a whole new season of inspiration. For the record, putting fake blood over your nose and holding a box of Eggos is so last year. Make the most of what Netflix has given us in 2017.
'THE HANDMAIDS' TALE': No need to drop major cash on red floor-length dresses and fancy bonnets. A quick trip to your nearest fabric and craft store should be all you need: Just get creative and drape a long swath of red fabric for a shapeless dress, and you can cut sheets of white foam paper for makeshift hats.
EVOLUTION OF MILEY CYRUS: She's changed a lot over the years, so there's a lot to choose from. Start with her Hannah Montana days and go through the past decade, from that unforgettable 2013 VMAs performance to her 2017 beachy California aesthetic. Make use of wigs. It's all in the hair.
'GIRLS TRIP' -- If you and your girls are already hilarious, that's step one of becoming the 'Girls Trip' crew. You can take creative liberties with the outfits, but stilettos and hoop earrings are a must.
THIS IS US -- There are plenty of characters to choose from here, so the more people you can rally up, the better. Worried people won't recognize your group look? Carry around boxes of tissues. That should get the message across.
TAYLOR SWIFT VS. KATY PERRY -- It's time to take sides in the long-running Katy vs. Taylor feud. Both parties have a free pass to trash each other from across the room, but they also have to say things like, 'I've always adored her.' Additional group members can dress as the stolen backup singers that allegedly initiated the feud in the first place.

On Twitter, Chris Schleicher -- who happens to be a former writer on "The Mindy Project" -- uncovered another key detail.

“It's that time of year again where I remind you all that there's no evidence in the text that the Monster Mash takes place on Halloween," he tweeted, making use of Twitter's newly-expanded 280 character limit. "It's just a fun party for monsters that could be in April for all we know."

Wow, talk about a Transylvania Twist.

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