Jason Ritter relates to his role in 'Kevin (Probably) Saves The World'

Actor Jason Ritter from the new ABC dramedy, "Kevin (Probably) Saves The World" visited BUILD Series to discuss his role as the lead character Kevin Finn. He also dished about some of the quirks his character has that he himself relates to and how well he would do if he was granted the ability to save the world.

The show is about Kevin Finn (Ritter) and his down-on-his-luck life when after a meteorite crashes near his house he suddenly meets the celestial being Yvette, played by Kimberly Hébert Gregory, who tells him of his mandatory mission to save the world via acts of kindness.

Ritter told the audience that he enjoyed playing Kevin because "there's a freedom to him because we meet him at a crossroads in life. What's nice about him is he's not particularly cool or good at anything and so I think what's fun is that whatever he's feeling at any particular time is allowed. I never sort of have to feel like, 'Oh he wouldn't do that,' he's kind of like all over the place."

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Ritter revealed that he can relate to Kevin's sense of guilt with the relationships he has in his life.

"I feel there are times, certainly, where I've been focused on other things, I've been focused on work and I assume that everyone I know in my life knows that I love them and knows that I care. That was sort of painful to hear that at any point in my life, friends or family members have gone [and say], 'Is this a real relationship?' That was very painful for me to realize!"

Ritter admitted that he can "fall behind the 8-ball in terms of trying to make things up to people," however like Kevin in "Kevin Probably", he will do his best to make amends with his friends or family members whom he neglected far too long for comfort.

Another aspect about Kevin that Ritter thinks he shares in common with is the notion of thinking too far ahead.

"I can think until tomorrow! It's infuriating because someone would be like, 'Hey! Want to do something next week and they see my eyes roll back and then they go, 'Can I call you the day before?,' said Ritter laughingly.

Since the show revolves around the idea of saving the world so that humanity doesn't lose all hope, if Ritter had the power to save the real world, you probably shouldn't rely on him. He confessed he would be "pretty bad."

"I would really try. I would do my best," Ritter added.

"I have a very low, sort of, anxiety meter especially with this thing of not being able to think too far ahead. I do a lot of, 'It's so and so's birthday tomorrow, I have to go get something,' and I'm just in a store...or I'm at the mall and I would be like 'I can't think of anything...okay I'll get this for me...that's one good thing,'" Ritter concluded.

You can catch Jason Ritter in "Kevin (Probably) Saves The World" Tuesdays at 10pm on ABC!

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