'Flip or Flop' star Tarek El Moussa was at the music festival where the Las Vegas shooting happened

"Flip or Flop" star Tarek El Moussa says he's lucky to be alive.

The HGTV personality revealed on Instagram on Monday that he was at the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival on Sunday night where at least 59 people were killed in the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, but he left before the horrific massacre began.

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"I was there last night at the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival in #Vegas," El Moussa captioned a #PrayForVegas image. "My friend Robert wanted to come home early which we did."

"My heart goes out to everyone who has been affected by this tragedy," he continued. "It's times like this that remind us we need to treat every day with the importance it deserves. Give your family and friends a hug today and let them know they are safe and loved."

'Flip or Flop' stars on Instagram
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'Flip or Flop' stars on Instagram
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Huge shout out to my girl right here @cazeb ... My best friend - turned publicist extraordinaire - has been by my side since we were 14 years old ... she has always supported me and had my best interest at heart- and during this difficult time she has been a ray of positivity and such a role model ... Cassie you are the best friend anyone could ask for and I am so lucky to have you in my life. Here's to always laughing together and finding joy in every hardship ... C&C ❤
I've never met a group of more positive, fun-loving, funny... all around amazing guys... filming 7 seasons of #FlipOrFlop has been a breeze because of them. I ❤️ each and every one of you. @hgtv
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💙 🤠

El Moussa's reveal comes a day after the heartbreaking events took place, and he wasn't the only big star at the scene of the devastating crime. Country star Jason Aldean was onstage when the gunfire began, while other singers like Chris Young and Jake Owen were backstage having just performed at the festival. 

Hear Jake Owen's harrowing account of the shooting in the video at the top of the page.

See more celebrity reactions to the Las Vegas shooting in the gallery below:

Stars react to Las Vegas shooting
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Stars react to Las Vegas shooting
There are no words to express the helplessness and sorrow my broken heart feels for the victims in Vegas and their families.
It’s unimaginable. And yet it's real. I don't know where to begin. Watching, crying, and sending love.
Praying for all those in pain
Praying for all the innocent victims and their families in Las Vegas - Céline xx... #LasVegas
Completely heartbroken over the news this morning. Keeping the victims of last night's tragedy in Las Vegas in my p… https://t.co/T3mbcNPmie
This is terrorism plain and simple. Terror bares no race, gender or religion. Democrats & Republicans please unite now #guncontrol 🇺🇸
Prayers are important but @SpeakerRyan @realDonaldTrump blood is on the hands of those who have power to legislate.… https://t.co/oQqCXn2vdA
4 anyone who'd like to join, I'm doing a 20 minute moment of meditation/silence/prayer on my InstagramLive for calming of the 🌎 @ 3:30 PST
My heart is breaking for Las Vegas. We need love, unity, peace, gun control & for people to look at this & call this what it is = terrorism.
💔my heart. @Route91Harvest.
Michelle & I are praying for the victims in Las Vegas. Our thoughts are with their families & everyone enduring another senseless tragedy.
After unimaginable grief, Nelba continues to work for children & against gun violence. Today what she has to say is… https://t.co/htCPJqJJyb
They don't deserve to govern our nation. Please vote in 2018 https://t.co/IK8du2CH7E
What is happening to our world? 🙏🏼
💔 My thoughts and prayers are with you 💔 #StopThisHate #StopTheViolence 😢
Praying for everyone here in Vegas. I witnessed the most unimaginable event tonight. We are okay. Others arent. Please pray.
Horrified to hear about the shooting in #LasVegas. My thoughts are with the victims and their families. Praying for everyone's safety 🙏💔
Lord help us
I ❤️ Las Vegas...feeling so broken this morning
Devastating news. Horrible. Sick. Unfathomable.
My heart breaks...biggest mass shooting in US history. Praying for Las Vegas.
Devastated waking up to the news of the shooting in Las Vegas. Praying for the victims and their families and friends. #PRAYERSFORVEGAS
Woke up to the heartbreaking news from Las Vegas, my thoughts are with everyone and their families. Love. H
Smh it was never this bad. Places u go to enjoy have become so unsafe!😢Prayers 4 those in Las Vegas who was there & the victims families🙏🏾
My heart is breaking for everyone in Vegas tonight. Simply devastating. So much loss.
Saying a prayer for all the victims & their loved ones, also for the residents & visitors of Las Vegas! This was a horrific act of terror!!
I feel like every day is more shocking and sad...My heart is broken for all the victims of last night's shooting in Vegas, & their families
It sickens me the ease in which a TERRORIST can be sold a GUN. Is the ease really worth all these lives ?! This needs to stop.
This isn't the first shooting, and not the first deaths. Regardless he is a terrorist. Shame on him, not just on gu… https://t.co/iux7E0UZkH
The lone wolf. The local shooter. The gunman. Any and everything, but terrorist. Wonder why.
This is heartbreaking to learn about! Things have got to change! 🙏🏽
Woke up to hear about the tremendous loss of life & thinking about all the loved ones heartbroken & devastated. Love & Light & prayers 🙏🏾🙏🏾
Heroes. https://t.co/7ZcgEjUgpy
I just landed & I'm devastated to hear what happened in Las Vegas. So unbelievably horrifying. My thoughts and prayers are with all there. 💔
Praying for everyone at #HarvestFestival. There are no words right now that suffice.
🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 https://t.co/BU0uE79MnX
Thank you to the Las Vegas first responders, in the thick of the terrible shootings there. Your actions helped save lives tonight.
I mourn this senseless loss of life. What will it take, #Congress, for you to act? @Everytown @MomsDemand… https://t.co/XEEdlIH3Jv
Don't even know what to say. To be in Vegas while this is happening, brings a pain to my heart. My team and I are safe Thank God! Prayers up
There have been more than 11,600 deaths linked to gun violence so far in 2017, which is equivalent to nearly four 9/11 attacks. NRA
Oh God. Vegas. WTF is happening. Can’t keep up with all the pain this country is facing. Sending love to Vegas.
My heart is breaking for the innocent people in Las Vegas. This is absolutely devastating.
Just sad. And so sorry for the fans who came to sing and dance and be free and happy. thinking of everyone there & my friend @Jason_Aldean.
I can't believe this!! The deadliest mass shooting in US history! 😩My sincerest condolences to everybody there! My prayers are with you! 💔
We are safe... our angels were definitely watching over us tonight. No words for what happened... Just horrific. Praying for everyone💔
Tonight has been beyond horrific. I still dont know what to say but wanted to let everyone know that Me and my Crew are safe. My Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved tonight. It hurts my heart that this would happen to anyone who was just coming out to enjoy what should have been a fun night. #heartbroken #stopthehate
I can't sleep. I'm sick to my stomach about this. Why? I wanna say pray, but if there is a god, why did this happen?I'm disgusted and so sad
It's just so hard to understand 💔
So devastated by this. Innocent people having fun with their loved ones, enjoying life... and it's taken from them for absolutely no reason. I don't understand this world sometimes. Life is so fragile. Sending so much love, thoughts, and prayers to everyone in Las Vegas ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏
Watching the news in tears. Something needs to change!!!!!!! This hate has to stop!!!!! Heartbreaking
Oh God. Just woke up to this sickening news. What is happening to this country? Those poor poor people. I’m numb.
My heart breaks for Las Vegas. The victims and their loved ones. Thank you to all the first responders who rushed to help.
My heart feels broken for everyone in Las Vegas. Music should always be a safe place. My thoughts and prayers to everyone there.
No words. Just grief, sadness, and the never-ending attempt to make sense of something utterly senseless. Love to all in Las Vegas.
Devastated by the news of Vegas. The prayers don't stop. Everyday, a new prayer. My heart is heavy. #GunControlNow
It would be wise to ban assault weapons, high-capacity magazines and silencers. None of which is excessive. https://t.co/oaPIk4lbWO
We are strong. They can not break us. We are strong. We are strong. We are strong.
I believe in prayer, but it's not enough by itself. We need better LAWS. In no world does a CIVILIAN need a MACHINE GUN. Let's fix this.
A beautiful reminder that Las Vegas is a community - not just a collection of casinos. Please donate blood https://t.co/iCrn8AMOL8
Mass shootings cause gun stocks to rise. They're making money off tragedy. Are you ok with your reps being bought w… https://t.co/NPn5Y75wXm
Today might be a good day to commit a selfless act of kindness for someone else.
Can we discuss the loss of rights of people going to a concert because of the lack of assault rifle regulations?
heartbreaking to hear about Vegas my love goes out to the victims praying for everyone & their families 💔
No, Howard. It's urgent right now. And it doesn't stop! It keeps happening in America. Nowhere else like this.… https://t.co/zN0CEIJ4MN

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