Judy Greer describes her dream coffee date -- and it'll remind you why you adore her so much

Judy Greer doesn't have a whole lot of free time. For nearly two decades, she's booked nonstop film roles, appearing in everything from rom-coms ("27 Dresses") to sci-fi ("Dawn of the Planet of the Apes") -- so it's no wonder the lady needs a caffeine boost.

"I absolutely love lattes, but I'm dairy sensitive," Greer told AOL during a recent interview. The actress relies on Lactaid Milk for a lactose-free fix, keeping her energized even through grueling filming schedules.

Typically, those coffees are going down while Greer is on set, but her dream coffee date would take place far from Hollywood: She'd love to sit across a table from Senator Elizabeth Warren. "I'm listening to her new book on Audible," Greer said. "She's so passionate and I love it."

But between both Greer and Warren's never-ending to-do lists, that coffee date may have to wait awhile. Beyond currently shooting the upcoming "Ant-Man" sequel, Greer seemingly always has a new project in the works -- but it's one of her older classics that keeps popping up when fans spot her in public.

"I've been getting recognized a lot from '13 Going on 30' lately!" Greer said. "People say that it's their go-to movie to watch with their mom or their best friend or their daughter, and that's really special to me."

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