Whitesnake video star Tawny Kitaen 'excited' as she has breast implants removed

She was known as a sex symbol in the 80s after appearing in the iconic music video for Whitesnake's “Here I Go Again,” but Tawny Kitaen has long struggled with her body image.

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Despite being told she was beautiful, "I still didn't think I was all that," she told Inside Edition.

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Tawny Kitaen on social media
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Tawny Kitaen on social media
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So Kitaen, who also starred as Tom Hanks' fiancée in Bachelor Party, has undergone surgery to have her D-cup-sized breast implants removed.

"I'm excited and I'm nervous," she said before the procedure. "I think it's something extremely personal."

She said she underwent a total of six breast enhancements over the years as she battled self-consciousness, but the surgeries ultimately did not help her confidence.

“When you first get them, you say, 'They are not as big as I want' and then you go and you get them bigger then you say, ‘Oh, they're too big, I need them smaller.' Then you have kids and, 'Oh, I need them lifted,'” Kitaen, 56, said.

She said her implants have since slipped down to her rib cage.

So she appeared on E!'s show "Botched" to have the implants removed for good. "I don't want the implants at all," she told Dr. Terry Dubrow.

During her surgery, he was shocked at what he found.

“These were never the right implants for her,” he said.

After removing the implants, the surgeon promised he could give Kitaen a nice shape with existing tissue.

“I feel like me again,” she said after the procedure.

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Kitaen is now showing off her implant-free figure with hopes of sharing her story and encouraging others to think twice before undergoing breast augmentation.

“I am here as an ambassador to younger girls,” she said. “Just don’t get on the boob train.”

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