EXCLUSIVE: Sadie Robertson dishes on public split from ex, reveals what she's looking for in new relationship

Sadie Robertson is taking a minute to "just do Sadie!" 

ET's Deidre Behar sat down with the 20-year-old reality star on Thursday, where she opened up about life since her public breakup with boyfriend Blake Coward -- and her latest acting project!

"This is dream!" Robertson gushed of her new Hallmark movie, Sun, Sand & Romance. "[But] I really didn't [intend to become an actress]." 

"After Dancing With the Stars, it just kind of seemed like the next step, the thing to do. But that wasn't really what I was that passionate about doing. I think it's great, but I really wanted to do motivational speaking, writing books, stuff like that," Robertson confessed, adding that she was worried about starring in a film that didn't enforce the values she preached as a motivational speaker before landing Sun, Sand & Romance. 

"I thought it would be too hard to find a movie that I could really trust, that it would be great messaging and you could go out and feel better about yourself, it's motivating at the same time," she said. "I didn't want to be contradicting to myself. I didn't think it was a possibility, but it is."

Robertson plays Chloe in the upcoming Hallmark movie, which centers on a couple's relationship being set off course by a tropical vacation. 

"It's been such a great experience. If they ever needed me to do a movie, I would be like, 'Yes, absolutely!'" she said of working with Hallmark, revealing that "there's a lot to take away" from the movie. "It's so fun and it's light, but it has depth to it... I think it's really sweet." 

Sadie Robertson on Instagram
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Sadie Robertson on Instagram
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Robertson, who admitted that her dream co-star is Reese Witherspoon, has also been active on her blog, where she recently wrote a candid post about her breakup from Coward. 

"We had dated for three years, very publicly. It was during DWTS, so you can't really hide anything during that time, and then we broke up and all of our fans were like, 'What happened?'" the Duck Dynasty star recalled, sharing that she and Coward "weren't on great terms" until recently. "After we became friends, I asked him, 'What do you think happened to our relationship?' and we came to this agreement of the things that I wrote in the blog." 

"It came to this point of conviction of like, 'OK, we can live this comfortable life and never tell anyone what happened, and act like we were perfect, we just broke up,' or we can walk in conviction and say, 'This is is what happened, don't do this, and if you are in this, get out of it,'" she said. "It was really special to do that together and be on good terms with that, so that's what gave me peace to share it. I don't want girls or guys to go through that, and if I can be a voice and say, 'That's not OK,' then I want to be." 

"Know what love is," she added of advice she'd give to girls in similar situations. "If you're in a relationship and it doesn't look like that... then get out! You can break up. That's an option. It's much better to go to school the next day and face the awkwardness than go on your whole life living in a relationship that is not of love." 

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Texas looks good on you. #😍

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While Robertson said she "needs to be private for a second" after ending her relationship with Coward, she did open up about what she's looking for in her next boyfriend. 

"I'm looking for somebody who really just loves the person I am, and not who I am with the public... I want somebody who calls me and is with me and I can literally show up at their house -- which is like my typical -- bun on top of the head, no makeup, sweatpants, sweatshirt. That's what I want," she dished. "I want somebody I can just go play tennis with, because this life is not normal that I'm living right now. I want somebody I can just be normal with."

Though the brunette beauty confessed that she used to feel pressure to head down the aisle because of her family's young marriages, she's gotten to a place where she's not in any "rush."

"Whoever God has for me, that's him," she said, revealing that she doesn't "necessarily" need to date someone else in the public eye. "I'm thankful for the public life because of what it has brought and the motivation that I've been able to speak, but I kind of like to have a normal life, so I kind of want somebody that's just completely normal." 

Sun, Sand & Romance airs Saturday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Hallmark. 

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