Michelle Branch calls out 'psychopath' fan pretending to be her online

In 2003, Michelle Branch released her album Hotel Paper. It took nearly fifteen years before she was ready to release her next album -- but apparently Hopeless Romantic, released in February 2017, just wasn't enough for one fan, who allegedly began impersonating her online in an attempt to access unreleased tracks.

And after Branch called out the person on social media, things just got weirder.

"Heads up to anyone I've written with/worked with in the past. Some psychopath is contacting people pretending to be me and asking for copies of demos/unreleased songs/music from the email michellebranchmusic@gmail.com," Branch wrote on Instagram. "Let me know if you have any idea who this person might be. The FBI has been contacted. This is wire fraud/a felony."

She continued, "Feel free to fill their inbox up with anything you see fit."

Well, fans took heed -- so much so that the person in question directly emailed Branch to beg her to delete the post. Branch posted a screenshot of the email, which eerily shows that it is both "to" and 'from" Michelle Branch.

"Michelle, I am so sorry. I am just a huge fan," the impersonator begins. "I am deleting this email address now and will never do this again. I have not shared the songs at all and will not. Nor have I asked for any money."

The individual continues, "Please, because I am [sic] huge fan do not punish me for this. I have learned my lesson and this email is being deleted. Please delete your post I am getting death threats and alreayd have trouble with depression really bad. :( I am just a kid."

Dozens of fans commenting on the Instagram expressed doubt that the person in question is genuinely "just a kid."

Branch has not yet provided an update on the situation.

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