Tina Fey calls out Kathie Lee Gifford on the 'Today' show

Kathie Lee Gifford's birthday was on Wednesday, and her "Today" show co-host Hoda Kotb rounded up some of her favorite people to wish her a happy birthday.

One of the pre-recorded videos featured a whole different kind of message, though. Tina Fey skipped the formalities and got right to the point: Gifford and Kotb had been complaining that every single star of "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" had been on their hour of the "Today" show except for Fey. Hard to believe, right? Especially considering Fey's long relationship with NBC.

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"She's been on the earlier hours," Gifford explained, steadfast in her belief that Fey had never appeared on her hour of the "Today" show.

"Tina heard the message loud and clear," Kotb said as she introduced her video recording. "So, Tina sent this message back to us."

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"Let's go into the vault Kathie," Fey said with a laugh. "I have been on the show, and I've talked to you! And I must have been boring, because you don't remember me. But I was there. Roll the tape! I think I've been on. I've been on. I'm willing to bet one hundred dollars that I've been on the show."

Turns out, Fey was right: A clip from the archives proved that she had indeed been interviewed by Gifford and Kotb way back when. Gifford's jaw was on the floor as the footage played.

"Oh, I must've been confusing her with Julia Louis-Dreyfus," she exclaimed. "I'm sorry. My bad, Tina Fey. I'm a senior citizen now, and we tend to forget things."

Watch the moment starting at 4:00 in the video above.

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