Judge Judy lets dog loose in court to choose its real owner in viral clip


Judge Judy just pulled an unprecedented move in her courtroom, and the internet is freaking out.

The iconic television judge had two people on her show who were in a dispute over the owner of an adorable dog. The defendant was a woman who said she bought the dog off of the street -- which is, in and of itself, suspicious -- and the plaintiff argued that the dog actually belonged to him.

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Apparently seeing no other viable option to determine who the dog actually belonged to, Judy ordered that the dog be brought into the courtroom and let loose in the floor so that he could choose his true companion.

"Madame, listen to me carefully: Put the dog down!" Judy ordered. "Put the dog down."

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The dramatic lead-up to the moment ended quite emphatically: The dog immediately ran to the plaintiff and jumped up on his legs.

"That's my dog!" he exclaimed as he began crying.

"That's all," Judge Judy finished, clearly over the messy situation. "Take the dog home."

"I just bought the dog from a girl who had a pit bull and said the pit bull was trying to eat it," the defendant explained through tears during the post-court interview.

"That's what happens when you buy a dog for fifty bucks in front of the mall," the plaintiff retorted.

Justice. Is. Served.

Watch the full moment below:

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