Macklemore no longer has that 'fashy' haircut that neo-Nazis seem to love: 'Got rid of it'

Yes, Macklemore knows that neo-Nazis have taken to his signature haircut. But give the guy a break: He doesn't even have it anymore.

In case you need a refresher, the style is all about tightly-buzzed sides with length in the center, but swooshed over to the side. Like this:



In and out of Hollywood, many men began adopting similar versions of his look, including Zayn Malik and Brad Pitt. But for an unclear reason, it eventually developed an association with white nationalism with a nickname to boot: The "fashy" cut became an indicator that a man's beliefs may align with fascism.

On Tuesday, three days after white supremacists descended on Charlottesville, Va. for what descended into a violent riot, a Twitter user half-jokingly asked Macklemore to condemn the style he popularized. "macklemore hair seems to be the chosen haircut of the racists now," he wrote. "i call on @macklemore to get online and denounce his own haircut."

Not long later, the rapper responded: "Got rid of it over a year ago," he replied.

In response, dozens of users tweeted back, "Thank you, Macklemore."

For the record, this is the style Macklemore's currently sporting. There's still a fade on each side, but instead of a floppy side-swish, it's a bit more David Beckham.

Thank you, Macklemore.