Macklemore no longer has that 'fashy' haircut that neo-Nazis seem to love: 'Got rid of it'

Yes, Macklemore knows that neo-Nazis have taken to his signature haircut. But give the guy a break: He doesn't even have it anymore.

In case you need a refresher, the style is all about tightly-buzzed sides with length in the center, but swooshed over to the side. Like this:MUSIC-GRAMMYS/


In and out of Hollywood, many men began adopting similar versions of his look, including Zayn Malik and Brad Pitt. But for an unclear reason, it eventually developed an association with white nationalism with a nickname to boot: The "fashy" cut became an indicator that a man's beliefs may align with fascism.

On Tuesday, three days after white supremacists descended on Charlottesville, Va. for what descended into a violent riot, a Twitter user half-jokingly asked Macklemore to condemn the style he popularized. "macklemore hair seems to be the chosen haircut of the racists now," he wrote. "i call on @macklemore to get online and denounce his own haircut."

Not long later, the rapper responded: "Got rid of it over a year ago," he replied.

In response, dozens of users tweeted back, "Thank you, Macklemore."

For the record, this is the style Macklemore's currently sporting. There's still a fade on each side, but instead of a floppy side-swish, it's a bit more David Beckham.

Thank you, Macklemore.

The best fall haircuts for every length and texture
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The best fall haircuts for every length and texture

The Best Fall Haircut for Very Long Hair: No-Layer Layers

Yes, we know this is an oxymoron, so we'll let Cho explain: "Think of them as long layers that blend away when blown smooth," she says. "They help add movement to long hair." If you take a look at Hadid's hair, you'll notice that her layers are so subtle that her hair almost appears one length. But stare longer, and you'll see they're there even as far up as right below her chin.


The Best Fall Haircut for Super-Fine Hair: A Multi-Length Pixie

While the pixie cut was already deemed one of summer's best chops for fine hair, hairstylists agree that it still deserves to hold that title for another season. The trick to taking yours into fall, according to celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa, is to add subtle layers through the ends. Not only is this a fresh update to the blunt cuts that were all over Instagram earlier this year, but by making sure your pixie is multi-length, especially in the front, it'll have an "edgier look" thanks to the piecier texture.

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The Best Summer Haircut for Short Hair: Overgrown Pixie

So, you've been rocking a pixie cut all summer and now it's slowing approaching bob territory. You're the perfect candidate for a shaggy, overgrown look. "Grown-out pixies like Sarah Paulson's are an easy, fun hairstyle for transitioning into the fall," says Suave Professionals celebrity hairstylist Jenny Cho. "Use a little texture spray and air dry your hair or diffuse-dry it to bring out a natural wave." If you're worried about the awkward grow out, here are our best tips for making it virtually unnoticeable.

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The Best Fall Haircut for Short, Thin Hair: A No-Frills Bob

"I love a bob on someone with finer hair," says Cho. "Whether it's chin- or collarbone-length, it all seems to help create the illusion of thickness." By keeping the ends blunt, you'll be able to help create that strong shape like Cate Blanchett's style. And considering the fact that this shorter cut instantly flatters all face shapes, we can't help but feel like this look is a win.


The Best Fall Haircut for Spiral Curls: Blended Lob

Step 1: Get thee to a stylist who specializes in curls. Step 2: Ask for blended layers. "You want a vertical haircut where all of the layers blend into one another so they fall naturally and not in shelves," explains Potempa. This will result in a rounder shape with softer edges like Jessica Szohr's look here, whereas blunt ends create the more polarizing triangle shape—not that we love it any less.


The Best Fall Hairstyle for Short Hair: Below-the-chin Bob

"A just-above-the-shoulder cut with subtle layers at the ends is a great look for fall," says Potempa. "You can style it with soft waves or wear it sleek and straight—it's really versatile." For a more updated look, try out Jennifer Lawrence's semi-retro waves instead of the usual textured, beach waves you've been rocking all summer long.


The Best Fall Haircut for Wavy Hair: A Polished Lob

The big difference between summer's lob and fall's is all in the way you style it. "A soft smooth blowout—less beach wave and more of a clean polished look with movement—will work well for this kind of hair," explains Cho. "A good moisture cream is a great way to achieve this result, so I recommend layering in Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Smooth Light Weight Weather Proof Cream and a medium-hold mousse before blow-drying your hair with a round brush."

Patrick McMullan via Getty Image

The Best Fall Haircut for Straight, Thin Hair: An Airy-Ended Cut

As any girl with fine hair knows, creating movement or volume in your hair can seem virtually impossible. The solution? A blended, one-length haircut with subtle layers throughout, says Potempa. Avoiding blunt ends and opting for an off-center part will also help introduce movement into your hair without the need for heavy styling products.

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The Best Fall Haircut for Wavy Hair: Long with Layers Starting at Your Chin

If your hair falls somewhere between wavy and curly, Alvarez recommends adding a few different lengths to your hair (not deep layers!) in order to best play up your texture. "The different lengths help waves fall into place—and make it easier for you to use products—so your hair doesn't end up frizzy," she says. For smoother, more defined waves, Alvarez advises using Dove Style + Care Curls Defining Mousse ($4) to damp hair for added volume and softness. And make sure to avoid these unintentional hair habits that can cause hair to frizz.

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The Best Fall Haircut for Long, Curly Hair: Lengthy Layers

There's no such thing as cookie cutter curls, especially for thick hair. With that in mind, it's important to know that when it comes to finding the best haircut for long curls, it's all about enhancing what you already have. Case in point:Zoe Saldana's long layers, here. "I always recommend layers and a defined shape for clients with thick curls," says Dove celebrity hairstylist Cynthia Alvarez. "Long or short, a layered cut is always flattering as it keep hair from becoming too voluminous."

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