Marc Webb wants compelling female characters not strong ones

There are many films set in the great city of New York, but none of them are quite like director Marc Webb's film 'The Only Living Boy In New York,' starring, Callum Turner, Cynthia Nixon, and Kiersey Clemons.

This coming of age film is about a college graduate who seeks the guidance of his eccentric neighbor as his life is upended by his father's mistress. Marc Webb and the amazing cast stopped by BUILD Series NYC to talk about the film.

While the film may be about a boy, but the female characters play just as much of an important role in the film. Webb talks about creating female character's that are not just strong, but compelling humans that will keep you entertained throughout the film.

"The trickiest character was Kate's [Beckingsale] character, Joanna. Kate is a really brilliant woman, and she is sort of, a dramaturg. She understands structures and the structure of stories. I try to invite as much commentary and discussion from the actors I work with. The goal isn't always to create strong characters; it's to create compelling characters that people can latch on to."

Actress Kiersey Clemons and Cynthia Nixon play leading ladies in the film. According to Clemons, she likes a strong female character, but it is nice to see vulnerable women who let their guard down.

"Women are human. As much as we need to see strong female characters, it's also nice to see vulnerability in Cynthia's character. It's a person [Clemons character], it's a human who has layers and sometimes you can be strong, and other times you can't. If I only gave you a strong woman that's a lie and I don't believe that."

Whether the character is strong or vulnerable, it is good to see a female character with a compelling story line and not just playing a boring love interest to the male lead.

'The Only Living Boy In New York' is out now in select theaters across the country.