David Tennant, Danny Pudi, and Ben Schwartz preview the cross-generational reboot of Disney's 'DuckTales'

Get ready to be a kid again because Disney's "DuckTales" is returning to the small screen! In case you need a quick refresher, "DuckTales" was a popular cartoon back in the late 80s to early 90s where Scrooge McDuck and his three nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie went on crazy adventures around the world looking for treasure.

Fast forward to 2017 and we'll see them all again having more wacky expeditions with all new voice actors! Actors David Tennant, Danny Pudi, and Ben Schwartz play Scrooge, Huey, and Dewey respectively and they will likely have you feeling nostalgic with this reboot of the highly-revered kids show.

Tennant, Pudi, and Schwartz stopped by BUILD Series recently to dish about their big opportunity to voice such iconic characters. They also teased us on what we can expect in the new iteration.

Tennant admitted he initially wasn't expecting the sheer passion people would have when they heard the news Disney was going to reboot the show.

"To be honest, I don't think I realize what it was. I mean I knew who Scrooge McDuck was, I vaguely heard of "DuckTales." I didn't grew up with it because I'm very elderly. So I missed it the first time around. I underestimated the enthusiasm that this series would be greeted with. People love the idea of this show coming back. I was just like, 'Ooh, I get to play Scrooge McDuck, that's quite fun!,' and then people started reacting to the fact that it's coming back. This show has meant a lot to people in the past. That's thrilling to be a part of something that is already developing a following before people have even seen it."

On playing the very rich grand-uncle Scrooge, Tennant took on the pressure of the role with stride. "I was like Scrooge McDuck, big 'ol Disney character, yeah! Why would I say no to that?!? Of course, it sounds like great fun! And then the legacy arrived and I realized what I was taking on. And then I was a bit more thrilled and nervous. You don't want to break it! You don't want to disappoint people."

Tennant's co-star Schwartz related to the original version of "DuckTales." He expressed to the audience his admiration for the show citing, "I love the show when I was growing up. I would watch it after elementary school every single day...Every day! It was one of my favorite things to do! The whole Disney afternoon, I would park myself in front of [the TV], eat mac & cheese before I was lactose intolerant, and then just go for it! It was like one of the best times as a kid. I loved how funny it was. I loved all the adventure aspects and like that time is also when your imagination starts going off like crazy and that [the show] was a big part of it!"

Schwartz got the chance to play Donald Duck's nephew Dewey.

"I play Dewey, the one in blue [who] no longer wears a hat for those who are keeping tally. I'm the middle child by one second. Even though we're triplets, he [Pudi's Huey] came first, then me, then Louie (Bobby Moynihan). I'm the classic middle child where I want to be seen. I want everyone to look at me. I want to attack adventure!"

Pudi was equally excited as his fellow co-stars for the new "DuckTales" to premiere this weekend just as much as his character Huey's enthusiasm.

"I play Huey, he's the one in red. He's the oldest by three seconds. He loves adventure. He loves being a triplet. He's probably the most logical. He's very responsible. He loves facts. He loves maps. He loves matching family vacation T-shirts. He's very excited about stuff!"

Overall, Pudi enjoyed the chance to be a part of the voice-over process and to be a part of such a family friendly show.

"We're excited. We've been told it's a mash-up of "Indiana Jones" meets "Modern Family" because it has all these adult humor moments within our family and it's also a blend of the old, sort of, original comic books with this comedic style. So I think it's suppose to appeal to people like us [adults].

Tennant perfectly summed up Pudi's explanation the best by calling the new "DuckTales" cross-generational.

"I think that's the thing now. It's working on two levels now. It's now being made for the people who enjoyed it when they were that age [when they were younger] and it's being made for that next generation that are that age [who are young now.] I think that's why it feels like such a big launch for Disney XD."

Whether you're young or young at heart, you're likely going to be singing 'DuckTales! Woo-oo!' many many times when you watch this show. You can catch the all-day premiere of "DuckTales" starring David Tennant, Danny Pudi and Ben Schwartz this Saturday August 12th on Disney XD.