The 12 biggest questions we have after this week's 'Game of Thrones'

Warning: Spoilers for "Game of Thrones" season seven episode four, "The Spoils of War." If you aren't caught up on the series, read at your own risk.

This week's episode of "Game of Thrones" started off with a long-awaited reunion and ended with one of the most brutal battles in the show's history.

Last week ended with a huge win for Cersei, but this week is just the opposite: Daenerys, Drogon, and the Dothraki ambush Jaime Lannister and his army outside of King's Landing.

This changes the game for Cersei, who could be doomed. In between reunions and that epic battle, there were some other important things that happened, too. And we have a lot of questions.

Here are all the questions we have after this week's episode of "Game of Thrones":

Will Tyrion reunite with his brother Jaime and his old pal Bronn?


Bronn helps Jaime avoid getting turned into Drogon ash. They end the episode in the water, but will they come up as prisoners? It's likely. Based on the episode five preview, Daenerys sticks around after the battle and tries to recruit the survivors for her cause.

If Bronn and Jaime are taken prisoner, Tyrion could use his wit to persuade them to change sides. Jaime might be a harder sell, but all Bronn needs is the promise of a castle and he's in, no question.

Did Randyll and Dickon Tarly survive the battle?


If so, they could bend the knee to Daenerys and get some Tyrell allies back.

Will Tycho Nestoris and the Iron Bank betray Cersei in favor for Daenerys after her big win?

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Yes, the money from Highgarden arrived in King's Landing before Daenerys attacked, but Cersei's most valuable army is nearly gone. Her failure could affect the Iron Bank's decision to support her in the war against Daenerys.

Is Daenerys going full Mad King?


Daenerys decides she's had it with the clever plans because she's losing to Cersei. So instead of avoiding a lot of bloodshed, she rides Drogon above the Dothraki army and ambushes Jaime Lannister's army. A lot of men get literally roasted, and it's brutal. While we're supposed to view the Lannister army as enemies and root for Daenerys, the battle gets so cruel and violent that even Tyrion Lannister, who has many reasons to hate his own house, looks like he regrets what he sees. And will this violence against his own people make Tyrion regret backing her?

Jaime is within feet of Daenerys when she lands with Drogon, and he charges. Seeing her execute this brutal attack probably reminds of him of the Mad King Aerys (Daenerys' father) right before Jaime killed him years ago. Jaime kills the Mad King because he is about to destroy King's Landing before Robert Baratheon can take the Iron Throne.

Will Theon get Yara back?


This part of the story seems so small compared to how the episode ended. But we still aren't sure of what's happened to Yara. Euron brings her to King's Landing, but we only see Ellaria and Tyene Sand in the dungeon. Has Euron kept her for himself? Did Cersei put her in another dungeon in King's Landing? If she did, it was awful nice of her to exclude her from the brutal death of Tyene.

Brandon Stark can see everything. Will he oust Littlefinger for his betrayal of the Stark family?


"Chaos is a ladder," Bran says to Littlefinger. Littlefinger says that exact line to Varys in season three. Obviously Bran wasn't there, but he's been there now. This scene makes it pretty clear that Bran knows everything about Littlefinger. Will Bran keep his mouth shut, knowing that Littlefinger is dangerous and could cost them the support of the Knights of the Vale? Or will he tell his siblings the truth?

Since Bran knows the White Walkers are getting closer, he might just keep it to himself because Littlefinger is a dangerous creep, but he's staying loyal to the Starks for now.

How badly is Drogon hurt?


Bronn hit Drogon with the ballista, and it takes him down. But it doesn't kill him. After Drogon and Daenerys land, Drogon still seems ready to destroy enemies, but exactly how badly is he hurt, and will he recover easily? Will Daenerys actually have to pay attention to her other dragons until Drogon full heals?

Why is Podrick Payne so bad at fighting?

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Podrick starts serving as Brienne's squire in season four. It's been long enough that you'd think he's developed some skills when it comes to fighting. In this week's episode, he proves that her training has pretty much gone nowhere. Sansa can probably swing a sword better than him right now. His fighting is pathetic. So is he doomed? We hope not, although it sure looks like it.

Will Ser Jorah Mormont make his way to Dragonstone?


His arrival could benefit Tyrion and Varys, who are struggling to get Daenerys to listen to their advice. At this point, Jorah is the only person left in Westeros that Daenerys will listen to (besides Missandei). He could be the one who prevents her from ending up like her father.

Where is Gendry, and will he return soon?


We will never stop asking this. He will probably return by the end of the season, but where did he row?

Did Jon Snow and Davos draw those cave painting themselves to convince Daenerys to join their fight against the White Walkers?


This is mostly a joke, but those paintings look anything but ancient. And it didn't take much more for Jon to convince Daenerys to join the fight against the dead. If they did draw the cave paintings, that's a clever plan. And they're really good at drawing White Walkers, but not much else.

Why is Ned's statue so terrible?

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It doesn't look like Sean Bean at all. Whoever carved that statue probably never met him. And if they did, we hope they didn't get paid.

Or maybe Ramsay and the Boltons made sure that the statue was terrible if it was made while they had the castle. Who knows. But it's really bad, and we love that Arya and Sansa comment on it.

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