Lori Loughlin's YouTube star daughter sparks major controversy for car crash video


A YouTube video of Lori Loughlin's daughter is sparking major controversy.

Olivia Jade Giannulli, 17, was filming herself driving before getting into a car accident, and she detailed the whole ordeal in a video she posted on Sunday night. The "Fuller House" star's daughter said she was at a red light when a truck smashed into her vehicle from behind, sending her into the car in front of her. She was coming home from a hair appointment at the time.

The controversial YouTube video in question has since been deleted, but screen shots were taken by DailyMail.

While on her way to the salon, the YouTube star is seen driving along some winding roads and singing along to Stevie Wonder's "Signed, Sealed, Delivered."

After walking out of the salon, Giannulli gives a detailed recap of how her appointment went. The next scene shows her just after the crash. She describes the moment as "very scary" and tells the camera she is "shaking" before getting out of her vehicle.

Olivia then drives home, giving her viewers an update from her parked vehicle: "I'm not hurt. My head hurts a little, but I was just more panicked I think."

Though her viewers were glad she walked away unhurt, they were concerned that she was vlogging throughout the ordeal.

"It's so sad that now that YouTubers are getting into car crashes because they're on their phone or vlogging," one fan pointed out.

"I really have to say I hope this is a lesson to everyone thinking it's okay to text, OR vlog or make Insta/Snapchat while driving because IT IS NOT OKAY!!!" another user wrote.

To which Olivia replied, "I totally agree. ❤️ Safety first and i will never be doing any of that again."

Clearly Loughlin's daughter learned her lesson, as she vowed to never text while driving again, emphasizing how dangerous it can be.

Other YouTube stars, such as Zoe Sugg -- known as Zoella to her followers -- have previously been slammed for recording herself while driving.

Loughlin's daughter has nearly one million subscribers on YouTube, rising to fame for her videos about fashion and makeup.

Watch the full video above.