Shay Mitchell reveals how she stays fit while traveling


Two of the things that Shay Mitchell is most passionate about are travel and fitness, yet for a lot of people, it's difficult for those two things to coincide. From eating out at restaurants to wanting to veg out and recharge, most of us aren't quite sure how to motivate ourselves to work out or find the time to hit the gym while on vacation. Luckily, though, Mitchell isn't "most of us," and she has a few full-proof ways to get a sweat in while on the road.

"It's definitely something people struggle with, but there are a few tricks I tend to use," she told AOL Entertainment on a recent phone call. "I almost always pack a jump rope in my suitcase, because you can do that anywhere. I also use those furniture sliders. I swear if there were security camera footage of me working out in my hotel room, people would think I was totally insane."

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The "Pretty Little Liars" actress, who also frequents hotel gyms when she's traveling, has had a bit more time on her hands recently since wrapping the long-running Freeform hit for good. In addition to documenting her every move -- yes, including her workouts! -- on Snapchat, the 30-year-old star maintains an active YouTube channel that includes a series called "Shaycation," which highlights her enviable travels.

Most recently, Mitchell jetted off for a picture-perfect trip to Greece before heading to Jordan, where she visited the Azraq refugee camp, an experience she told us was "emotional" and "eye-opening."

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Next up for Mitchell will take part in the first-ever Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival in Los Angeles, where a variety of fitness classes will be offered all day in partnership with Gunnar Peterson's Private Gym.

"I won't be leading the classes but I'll definitely be right in there with people," Mitchell said with a laugh.

As for why Peterson is such an effective trainer, Mitchell was resolute in her support of his no-nonsense approach to getting people in shape.

"[He] gets people moving, and I'm all about that," she said. "They're all about not taking any excuses [at his gym], which I love. I really don't complain about working out, because I truly love it, but it's so great having them there for that extra boost."

Not only that, but Peterson's varied workouts are perfect for Mitchell, who told us that her optimal sweat session would involve "mixing it up" and that she hasn't met a fitness trend she doesn't like.

Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival will take place in Los Angeles on August 12 and 13.

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