Pamela Anderson heats up Saint Tropez in new photo shoot, opens up about evolving Hollywood spotlight

Pamela Anderson is loving the Saint Tropez lifestyle!

The 50-year-old actress serves up glamour for W Magazine, teaming up with her old friend, photographer Luke Gilford, for an impromptu photo shoot capturing her summer in the French Riviera.

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"My evil plan was always to semi-retire here," she confessed. "My kids [Dylan Jagger and Brandon Thomas Lee] are grown and they want me to be happy and they want to visit France, so it works out."

"I'm not micro-managing their life in L.A., and we're spending quite a bit of time out here going to museums and experiencing culture and different languages, so it's the best of all worlds. And it was always my plan and something I really aspired to," she continued. "I knew before I turned 50 that I would be living on the French Riviera. And here I am."

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Anderson, who has recently reemerged in the front row of many fashion shows, says she just does it to support her "friends" -- designers like Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney -- and her sons, who walk in runway shows, but have other ambitions.

"The boys are just doing this for fun; Brandon's an actor and Dylan's a musician. Brandon gets to be an actor on the runway, and just eats it up and loves it," she explained. "My other son has this plan for his life and is very ambitious and all about the music, so he doesn't really want to do any of this stuff; he turns down stuff all the time. He's very calculated, while Brandon is very on his sleeve."

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"I didn't want them to be in this business, and neither did Tommy [Lee]. They're both very smart boys and both got into incredible universities. They're both big achievers. We just wanted to make sure they knew that they could do things other than what we were doing," she added. "They're both doing really good, and are at the age where they can make these choices."

"Of course, Tommy and I are like, 'Oh no,'" she said. "But they're handling it really well because they've been surrounded by all of this their whole lives, so they're very open-minded and can thank uncle David LaChapelle for that."

Anderson's sons are paving their own way in a Hollywood much different than the one she knew.

"Thank God it was different then. There has to be some mystery. People don't want to look at you when they can look at you all day on these things," she confessed. "I don't care. I just don't."

Brandon and Dylan are definitely all grown up. Watch below.