Meet Amal Clooney's lookalike sister Tala Alamuddin

Meet Amal Clooney's lookalike sister -- Tala Alamuddin!

The question on everyone's minds is: How did we not know about her sooner?!

While Amal, 39, is known for her successful career as a human rights lawyer and, obviously, being George Clooney's wife, her big sister has stepped out of her shadow by making her mark on the fashion industry.

Tala, 42, recently launched her fashion and jewelry brand, Totally Tala, in Asia, but she's looking to expand to the rest of the world. While it's safe to say that genes of ambition run strong in the Alamuddin family, that's not all that these two siblings have in common -- they could totally pass as twins!

A quick look at Tala's Instagram feed shows that she looks just like her sister. From their long, raven tresses to their svelte figures, there's no denying that Amal and Tala are related. Just like Amal, Tala looks effortlessly stylish everywhere she goes. The fashion designer isn't afraid to rock bold prints or vivacious colors, while flaunting her striking figure every chance she gets.

The duo is definitely giving famous sister acts like Gigi and Bella Hadid and Kendall and Kylie Jenner a run for their money in the fashion department.

Tala is based in Singapore, which explains why she has remained out of the spotlight. Outside of her fashion career, she is a fixture in the Singapore socialite scene, often organizing charity events.

She got married to an Italian businessman, named Nico, just last year. The brunette beauty has two kids of her own from a previous marriage.

With the arrival of Amal's twins, Alexander and Ella, we're sure that Tala has been giving her little sister some tips on how to survive sleepless nights!

Check out photos of Tala in the slideshow above!