Val Chmerkovskiy shares amazing high school throwback pic: 'We all make mistakes'

Val Chmerkovskiy is giving his fans a look at a time in his life when he wasn't quite the smooth, cultured professional dancer he is now.

The 31-year-old Dancing With the Stars pro took to Instagram on Thursday to reflect on his teenage fashion choices, which were questionable to say the least, in a hilarious Throwback Thursday post.

"We all make mistakes... but no mistake was greater than that of the 15yo me deciding to compose this fashion statement for my 10th grade yearbook picture," Chmerkovskiy wrote in the picture.

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There's a lot to dissect when it comes to evaluating his "fashion statement," and it's hard to know where to begin.

Actually, no it's not. You'd have to start with the black, farmer's tan-revealing tank top emblazoned with the word "Pimp" across the front -- which itself features what appears to be a bullet hole between the "I" and the "M" -- which he wore for his yearbook picture!

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It's also important not to leave out the chic choker necklace or the middle finger ring. And all of those choices still don't really account for the fingers-in-pocket-thumb-out pose.

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Yes, even when you grow up to be one of the most handsome men on reality TV, sometimes your teen years can still be hilariously awkward. You've got to give the guy some credit for choosing to share this, though, and bringing a little more joy into everyone's day.