Rob Lowe's kids compete to be named 'Best Son' on the 'Tonight Show': Watch


It's a crush over-Lowed!

Eternally-handsome Rob Lowe has two sons, and they are -- of course -- just as endearing and attractive as their dad. In other words, our Lowe crush capacity just tripled.

Matthew, 23, and John Owen, 21, faced off against each other on Monday's "Tonight Show," both attempting to prove to that he's Rob's more attentive child. Between the two cuties, it's impossible to choose a favorite: Check out those mirror movements at 0:16 as the boys cross their legs at the exact same time.

The "Best Son Challenge" started off strong as both boys correctly identified Rob's favorite movie -- "Goodfellas," which Rob confirmed by declaring it's the "best movie ever."

"I think we watched that when we were probably a little too young," John Owen told host Jimmy Fallon.

Matthew and John Owen don't just have their father's good looks: They're also funny, poised and comfortable in front of the camera. That last one is important since they co-star with their dad in the upcoming "The Lowe Files," a reality show in which the trio travels the country to investigate unsolved mysteries.

"The Lowe Files" premieres on A&E on August 2.