Twitter freaks out over viral photo of Nicolas Cage in Kazakhstan

A photo of Nicolas Cage is sweeping the internet after he posed with Kazakhstan First Lady Sara Nazarbayeva Sunday. Cage was in the country's capital city of Astana for the 13th Eurasia International Film Festival, reported the Astana Times.

In the photo, Cage is pictured wearing a traditional Kazakh hat and robe, and it has Twitter users wondering what is going on with the Oscar winner.

As one observer put it, "Nicholas Cage in Kazakhstan is the picture you didn't know you wanted but you need."

Others on Twitter used the photo to liken it to Russia news. "In the new 'National Treasure', Nicholas Cage investigates a urine stain on the back of the Constitution," joked one user. "I kinda feel like all of America is Nicholas Cage in this photo," said another. "How did we get here? What is all this Russia sh– everywhere? Huh?"

"Why does it feel like Nicolas Cage is about to become a part of this whole Russia scandal?" yet another user asked.

Check out the slideshow below for a national treasure trove of the funniest tweets:

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