Melissa McCarthy fans mourn loss of her Sean Spicer impersonation after he resigns as Press Secretary

Both Sean Spicer and Melissa McCarthy said goodbye to big jobs on Friday.

The White House press secretary announced that he would be resigning from his post, and McCarthy fans were quick to point out that Saturday Night Live would no longer be needing the 46-year-old actress' hilarious impersonation of "Spicey."

"Congratulations to Sean Spicer and condolences to Melissa McCarthy," one Twitter user wrote.

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"How DARE Sean Spicer deny us 3.5 more years of Melissa McCarthy as #Spicy," another McCarthy fan tweeted.

But the comments didn't stop there! "I would give anything to see Melissa McCarthy replace Sean Spicer," another Twitter user quipped.

"BREAKING: Melissa McCarthy resigns from Saturday Night Live #probably," another fan mused.

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McCarthy debuted her acclaimed Spicer impression in February, when she made a surprise appearance on SNL when Kristen Stewart was hosting. She has since reprised the role at least four more times, including when she rode down the streets of New York City on a moving podium in May.

While on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in March, McCarthy talked about what it's like to portray Spicer. "The weird thing is I think I look so much like my dad," she said. "I feel like my dad and Sean Spicer had a baby and it's me, which makes it even weirder."